Callaway County Missouri Obits

These are obituaries of persons who have lived in Callaway County Missouri, that I have copied from newspapers, funeral home information or found in old family albums. The person's name clicks to the obit, if there is a clickable number in the Info column, it goes to more information about that person or family.

If your browser resizes graphics, be sure to click on the actual scan of the obituary to enlarge it so it can be read. Some of the newspaper articles that I copied from the library are in pretty bad shape, but should be readable. Some of the obits are in text form because I lost most of my unscanned paper files in a fire in 2008. Check back often, I am constantly adding new obits. Use your browser's search function to find names. This is a large file, it might take a minute to load if you don't have a fast connection.

There are currently 612 obituaries listed here.

Name D.O.B. D.O.D. Notes Info
Adams, Robert Thomas 27/Oct/1921 31/Dec/2002 s/o Oscar Adams & Myrle Craghead, h/o Wanda Dean Morts #5872
Adams, Wanda Dean Morts 26/Jan/1928 26/Apr/2003 w/o Robert Thomas Adams #8706
Allen, Capt. Archibald abt 1794 04/Apr/1875   Bio
Allen, John Wesley 08/Jan/1864 17/Jun/1929 s/o John K. Allen & Mary L. Walker, h/o Elizabeth Burnett #597
Allen, Martha Jane Blades 08/May/1877 27/Dec/1966 d/o Charles Blades and Elizabeth Cowherd, w/o Charles Pleasant Allen Jr. #13263
Allen, Mary Walker Sparks 15/Jul/1828 25/Jul/1910 w/o 1st. Samuel Sparks, 2nd John K. Allen, d/o Thomas Walker & Bettie Langley #555
Almon, Mary abt 1886 14/Dec/1902 stepdau/o G.W. Foster  
Altheiser, Margaret Sparks 22/Jun/1827 12/Aug/1910 d/o Abraham Sparks, w/o Alexander Altheiser #11086
Ashworth, Addie Meng 1846 06/Mar/1920 d/o Charles Meng & Catherine Lewis, w/o Moses Ashworth #11100
Backer, Harrison Yates 03/Mar/1917 20/Aug/2005 s/o Thomas H. Backer & Artie Pugh, h/o Edna Naomi Knight #11246
Backer, Henry Elwood 27/Feb/1927 20/Jan/2004 s/o Thomas H. Backer & Artie Pugh, h/o Alice Marie Wetherell #11247
Bagby, Samuel C. abt. 1807 03/Feb/1885 h/o Julia Slaughter #5569
Bagby, Winnie abt 1844 01/Mar/1920    
Baker, George W. 26/Apr/1853 01/Dec/1934 s/o James R. Baker & and Mary Blattenburg, h/o Nancy S. Jolly #10371
Baker, Jesse R. 18/May/1922 20/Feb/2009 s/o Cornelius Baker & Mary E. Nichols, h/o Mary Rankin Fletcher #12562
Baker, Robert N., Dr. 07/Nov/1832 27/May/1910 s/o Martin Baker & Mary Nesbit, h/o 1st Sarah F. Overton, 2nd Mary A. Baker #4330
Baker, Sarah F. Overton abt 1842 07/Mar/1875 d/o James Overton & Harriett Baynham, w/o Dr. Robert N. Baker #4307
Barrett, Amy L. Lynes 25/May/1911 19/Jun/1971 d/o James Lynes & Cassie Loyd, w/o Samuel Barrett #10035
Bartley, Charles Clinton 13/Dec/1911 06/Jan/2002 s/o Campbell Bartley & Julia Mosley, h/o Payton R. Reynolds #9166
Bartley, Raymond 22/Oct/1910 15/Jul/1989 s/o John F. Bartley & Winifred Williamson, h/o Martha Hamilton  
Batye, Anna Bell Pulis Palmer 17/Apr/1915 22/Oct/2005 d/o Eliza Pulis & Cora E. Simco, w/o 1st William Palmer, 2nd James Batye #8573
Baynham, Charles W. 14/Oct/1842 10/Apr/1874 s/o Grief H. Baynham & Martha Grimes, h/o Sallie Glendy #6782
Baynham, Jessie Gertrude Dunkelberg abt 1887 30/Jun/1967 w/o Joseph J. Baynham #9077
Baysinger, Lucille Herring Hammon 08/Jan/1909 17/Jan/1998 d/o Letus Herring & Rosene L. Mosley w/o 1st Dwight Hammon 2nd Ollie S. Baysinger #5504
Beatty, James Alfred 20/Apr/1901 16/Jul/1970 s/o James W. Beatty & Callie M. Kemp, h/o Ferne Brown #13520
Beaven, Sterling Price 04/Mar/1861 28/Feb/1931 s/o Charles M. Beaven & Frances I. Miller, h/o Mary C. Suggett #2585
Beaven, William C. abt 1865 28/Apr/1907 s/o Charles M. Beaven & Frances I. Miller, h/o Della Gingrich #12243
Bedsworth, Robert Holt 16/Jan/1930 16/Dec/1966 s/o William G. Bedsworth & Maude E. Holt #9605
Bell, Ovid Hall 07/Mar/1917 11/Aug/1998 s/o Ovid K. Bell & Lucy M. Hall, h/o Martha Nichols #12711
Bennett, John N. Apr/1827 02/Jul/1906 s/o John Bennett & Susan Holt, h/o Elvira J. Moore #7923
Bennett, Maggie abt 1855 05/Apr/1874 d/o Elijah Bennett  
Benson, Gloria Hunt abt 1930 07/Jul/1920 d/o Richard Hunt, w/o Charles Benson #12259
Benson, Russell McFall 08/Jun/1919 18/Feb/2000 s/o Marvin V. Benson & Annie B. Love, h/o Helen E. Willett #10450
Berry, Caleb abt. 1840 27/Jun/1914 s/o Edward G. Berry & Sally Galbreath #12717
Berry, Edward G. 13/Aug/1807 02/Mar/1905 s/o Richard Berry & Mary Ewing, h/o Sally Galbreath #12712
Berry, Sarah Simco 19/Oct/1839 16/May/1912 d/o Reuben B. Simco & Sarah C. Hill w/o John Gibbs Berry #440
Berry, Wright J. 21/Jul/1896 23'Feb/1921 s/o Francis M. Berry & Stella M. Wright, h/o Mary Bates #4212
Black, E. Marion Moore 06/Feb/1924 16/Feb/1983 d/o Marshall Moore & Bertha Crocker, w/o William Black Sr.  
Black, Samuel 30/Jul/1804 22/Oct/1881 s/o William Black & Mary Price, h/o Margaret Miller Lynch #947
Blackburn, Elizabeth "Bess" Carter 28/Nov/1875 04/Nov/1934 d/o John R. Carter & Margaret A. Fletcher, w/o Ernest L. Blackburn #121
Blackburn, Ernest Leavell 06/Sep/1871 23/Nov/1958 s/o James R. Blackburn & Eugeneia Nunnelly, h/o 1st Elizabeth Carter, 2nd Mary Ann Bixby #591
Blackburn, Eugenia Nunnely 30/Jun/1849 22/Feb/1880 w/o James R. Blackburn #13156
Blackburn, James Robert 30/Sep/1839 04/Jan/1904 s/o William H. Blackburn & Julia A. James h/o Eugeneia Nunnelly #13155
Blackmore, Benjamin Franklin 17/Oct/1849 01/Dec/1932 s/o James Blackmore & Leah Gallaway h/o Jane Peterson Nichols #1412
Blansett, Howard Lee 02/Aug/1936 09/Dec/2002 s/o Finis Blansett & Ethel L. Hull, h/o Shirley Ann Wright #2690
Boles, John William 24/Feb/1851 14/Jan/1930 s/o Samuel Boles & Susan Muir, h/o Nellie Boulware #12222
Boles, Mary S. 31/Oct/1852 25/Jun/1864 d/o Samuel Boles & Susan Muir #12223
Boon, Anna 23/Mar/1788 19/Feb/1874 w/o Capt. Samuel Boon  
Boone, Elvira H. Thornhill 10/Feb/1847 17/Jul/1922 w/o Benjamin Boone  
Booth, Jessie Lee 12/Jan/1914 11/Jan/2001 d/o Silas W. Booth & Madie M. Brigleb #9565
Booth, Mary Frances 21/Jul/1906 17/Jul/2002 d/o Silas W. Booth & Madie M. Brigleb #8671
Boulware, Maud 25/Jun/1867 16/Apr/1874 d/o I.W. Boulware  
Boulware, Stephen   Mar/1874 tribute of respect  
Bowen, Andrew H. abt. 1792 18/Mar/1871 s/o William Bowen, h/o Anne Summers #3204
Bowen, James 11/Nov/1815 30/Apr/1870 s/o Andrew H. Bowen & Anne Summers, h/o Mary Magee #6709
Bowen, James 04/Feb/1876 07/Oct/1912 s/o William Bowen & Helen Devin h/o Jessie unknown #9611
Bowen, Robert 07/Jun/1850 18/Oct/1869 s/o James Bowen & Mary Magee #7111
Boyd, Elizabeth Ann Woolery 17/Mar/1834 02/May/1874 d/o John P. Woolery, w/o Robert M. Boyd #1690
Brandon, Georgianna Herring Ewing 27/May/1835 18/Jan/1913 d/o George W. Herring & Lucy Simco w/o 1st William Ewing 2nd Francis Brandon #10
Brandon, James Newton 29/Mar/1847 02/Dec/1932 s/o Francis Brandon & Ann Bennett h/o Virginia Flemming #2591
Brandon, Robert 15/Jun/1788 08/Mar/1874 s/o Francis Brandon Sr. & Sarah Scott, h/o Mary J Holt, Eliza Newman #337
Branham, Birtie Ellis 19/Jan/1909 14/Feb/1983 s/o Robert Branham & Emma Johnson, h/o Eula Mae Gess  
Branham, Elizabeth Hobson abt 1818 27/Aug/1848 d/o John Hobson, w/o Dr. N.E. Branham  
Bratton, Jewell M. Pasley 18/Nov/1916 14/Jan/2003 d/o Clarence F. Pasley & Bernice Jennings, w/o Louis A. Bratton #9729
Bratton, Louis A. 20/Jul/1914 12/Nov/2002 s/o Lonnie E. Bratton and Pauline Verdot h/o Jewell M. Pasley #9730
Brooks, Catharine Dozier 02/Apr/1844 23/Oct/1908 d/o William Dozier & Sarah Combs, w/o James R. Brooks #8078
Brooks, George Robert 30/Sep/1839 08/Jan/1908 s/o Thomas Brooks & Elizabeth Bullard, h/o Martha Mosley #7032
Brooks, James R. 10/May/1837 30/Jul/1904 s/o Thomas Brooks & Elizabeth Bullard, h/o Catharine Dozier #7031
Brooks, Thomas Richard 04/Jun/1847 05/Mar/1920 s/o Charles T. Brooks & Isabella Fisher, h/o Nancy E. Holt #6654
Brown, Stella Goodspeed 28/Jan/1885 21/Nov/1913 w/o Robert Argyle Brown #15041
Bullard, Nonie Foster 15/Jul/1885 17/Jun/1958 s/o Ruben H. Bullard & Martha E. Selby, h/o Mabel Irene Hill #8561
Burdett, Elizabeth Wood abt 1813 18/Feb/1880 w/o John Burdett #13193
Caldwell, Thomas 10/Jun/1792 04/Jan/1870 s/o Robert Caldwell & Mary Stephenson h/o Eleanor Boyd #1313
Calvin, Joseph Woodrow 05/Mar/1913 26/Apr/1998 s/o Richard Calvin and Dora Ross h/o Julia N. Maddox #9559
Carrington, Carson Dillard "Jack" 05/Apr/1901 28/Jun/1978 s/o Nathan Carrington & Eliza Herring, h/o Mary Leona wilks #135
Carrington, Carson Wilks 1921 23/Sep/1944 s/o Carson D. Carrington & Mary L. Wilks #366
Carrington, Clarence 1881 12/Mar/1906 s/o John T. Carrington & Mary E. Newsom #2957
Carrington, Egbert C. 01/Dec/1867 04/Feb/1881 s/o Robert R. Carrington & Julia A. Holt #2867
Carrington, Eliza Herring 02/Oct/1861 03/Aug/1941 d/o George W. Herring & Hester A. Kemp, w/o Nathan D. Carrington #124
Carrington, George "Red" 05/Nov/1918 29/Apr/1987 s/o George E. Carrington & Ada E. Perry, h/o Flora E. Stock #3196
Carrington, John T. "Grundy" abt 1849 14/May/1909 s/o John Carrington & Elizabeth Randolph, h/o Mary Newsom #3611
Carrington, Joseph 1852 11/Dec/1880 s/o Samuel Carrington & Lydia Bowen #353
Carrington, Lydia M. 1887 27/Dec/1911 d/o Nathaniel D. Carrington & Eliza S. Herring #126
Carrington, Mary 1848 14/Nov/1893 d/o William Carrington & Susan Fisher #5762
Carrington, Mary Leona Wilks 25/Mar/1900 20/Feb/1957 d/o James Rufus Wilks & Oddie E. Day, w/o Carson D. Carrington #136
Carrington, Mary Newsom 29/Mar/1856 18/Mar/1906 d/o David Newsom, w/o John T. Carrington #2873
Carrington, Nathaniel Dillard 25/Nov/1859 31/Jan/1912 s/o Samuel Carrington & Lydia Bowen, h/o Eliza S. Herring #123
Carrington, Roy Rusk 05/Oct/1914 07/Apr/2008 s/o Orvis Carrington & Erna White, h/o 1st Pauline Thomasson, 2nd Virginia Wise #2963
Carrington, Samuel abt 1819 13/Jul/1879 s/o Randolph Carrington & Katharine McGary, h/o Lydia A. Bowen #348
Carrington, Samuel Edwin 10/Aug/1863 09/Oct/1948 s/o Samuel Carrington & Lydia Bowen, h/o Mary Ellen Miller #3205
Carrington, Susan Clark Fisher 23/Oct/1821 25/May/1879 d/o Thomas Fisher & Isabella Humphreys, w/o William T. Carrington #3436
Carrington, Virginia Wise Young 09/Oct/1909 23/Dec/2002 d/o Chalmers G. Wise & Annie M. Lynes, w/o 1st Alfred Young, 2nd Roy Carrington #7193
Carter, Alexander Sr. abt 1822 23/Oct/1902 s/o Robert Carter & Mary Smith, h/o Martha Thomas, Francis Rodman, Nannie Edmondson #2947
Carter, Dorothy Dolly 23/Dec/1873 31/Oct/1950 d/o John R. Carter & Margaret A. Fletcher #120
Carter, Francis Rodman 08/Jun/1829 14/Nov/1889 w/o 1st John Ricketts, 2nd Alexander Carter #5768
Carter, Infant son abt 1872 24/Feb/1874 s/o Robert & Elza Carter #9626
Carter, John G. 25/Jul/1820 20/Feb/1908 s/o Robert Carter & Mary Smith, h/o Matilda Herring, Louisa Hendrix #106
Carter, John G. 25/Jul/1820 20/Feb/1908 second obit #106
Carter, John R. 05/Nov/1844 22/Aug/1910 s/o John G. Carter & Matilda Herring, h/o Margaret A. Fletcher #109
Carter, Louisa Jane Hendrix Sep/1833 23/Jan/1905 w/o John G. Carter #2082
Carter, Margaret Ann Fletcher 04/Dec/1845 30/Dec/1939 d/o John Fletcher & Judith Simco, w/o John R. Carter #115
Carter, May Irene 06/Sep/1891 15/Dec/1902 d/o William R. Carter & Ella Fleming #3988
Carter, Nancy Threlkeld abt 1808 23/Jan/1879 w/o Hiram Threlkeld, Creed Carter  
Carter, Robert G. abt 1826 08/Jul/1903 s/o Robert Carter & Mary Smith h/o Eliza unknown #2189
Carter, Thomas Edward 11/Oct/1868 03/Jun/1944 s/o John R. Carter & Margaret A. Fletcher, h/o Mamie Dorris #118
Carter, William 11/Nov/1865 23/Apr/1899 s/o Robert G. & Eliza Carter #2193
Carter, William R. 03/Aug/1853 26/Aug/1908 s/o John G. Carter & Matilda Herring, h/o Ella Flemming #113
Cave, John Martin 05/Aug/1916 27/Dec/1999 s/o Nick Thurman Cave & Ella P. Martin h/o Harriet Gooch #1603
Cave, Thelma Daily 08/May/1914 03/Oct/2007 d/o Rousseau Daily & Ona Goodnight, w/o Carl Sanford Cave #1591
Cave, William Lee 02/May/1913 22/Mar/2005 s/o Marcelles W. Cave & Buelah Corley #8426
Clardy, Loyd 22/Jun/1933 14/Aug/2007 s/o Parmer Clardy & Esther M. Rapps h/o Nancy Love #8899
Clatterbuck, Baxter Guthrie 08/Dec/1872 17/Apr/1933 s/o John L. Clatterbuck & Lucy F. Reynolds, h/o Ida Mae Allen #6463
Clatterbuck, Boyd Lepard 10/Jul/1877 28/Apr/1913 s/o Waller Clatterbuck & America C. Hudson, h/o Ella B. Humphreys #6723
Clatterbuck, Hyten Lillian Smith 12/Dec/1889 10/Apr/1988 d/o Rueben B. Smith & Mary Powell, w/o Olga Clatterbuck #14160
Clatterbuck, James Henry 19/Apr/1848 18/Sep/1915 s/o William G. Clatterbuck & Caroline Leopard, h/o 1st Sarah Blythe 2nd Katie Blythe #6357
Clatterbuck, John William 05/May/1865 03/Oct/1930 s/o John L. Clatterbuck & Lucy F. Reynolds, h/o Pearl L. Holt #6361
Clatterbuck, Luther 28/Mar/1894 12/Sep/1977 s/o James L. Clatterbuck & Caroline L. Clatterbuck #9834
Clatterbuck, Marvin Bennett 07/Jul/1911 19/Nov/2006 s/o Boyd L. Clatterbuck & Ella B. Humphreys, h/o Margaret Whittlesey #9767
Clatterbuck, Thomas James 27/Aug/1836 23/Mar/1904 s/o Micagor Clatterbuck & Margaret Howard, h/o Mary E. Foster #6400
Clatterbuck, Warrene 07/Jun/1904 09/Aug/1982 d/o Boyd L. Clatterbuck & Ella B. Humphreys #8070
Comer, John A. abt. 1811 18/Mar/1883 h/o Nancy McGary #7854
Comer, John Jameson 28/Oct/1837 16/Jun/1910 s/o John A. Comer & Nancy McGary, h/o Mary Elizabeth Overton #7849
Comer, Mary Elizabeth Overton 17/Nov/1839 11/Aug/1911 d/o Benjamin F. Overton & Ann S. Holt, w/o John Jameson Comer #3438
Craghead, Audrey Brooks 15/Aug/1896 25/Mar/1971 d/o Stephen S. Brooks & Mary A. Pasley, w/o John C. Craghead #7915
Craghead, Buford Payne abt 1912 28/Feb/1920 s/o Abner M. Craghead & Ida B. Hughes #9691
Craghead, Emerson Woodrow 17/Jun/1916 15/Aug/2002 s/o Abner M. Craghead & Ida B. Hughes, h/o Agnes B. Kimbell #8694
Craghead, Henry R. 1864 25/Jun/1906 s/o Calhoun Craghead & Margaret Douglass, h/o Polly Ann Robertson #4459
Craghead, James L. 04/Jan/1810 04/May/1893 s/o Isaiah W. Craghead & Feminina Robinson, h/o Mary Williamson #2770
Craghead, James L. 04/Jan/1810 04/May/1893 2nd obituary #2770
Craghead, John 17/Jul/1825 27/Nov/1870 s/o William Craghead & Nancy P. Craghead #4402
Craghead, John R. 28/Dec/1863 04/May/1881 s/o John W. Craghead & Sarah C. Payne #4444
Craghead, Josephine abt 1907 04/Mar/1910 d/o John A. Craghead & Martha Bowen #9640
Craghead, Julia Smith 27/Nov/1813 29/Oct/1879 w/o John Craghead #2424
Craghead, Laura Julia 23/Jan/1882 07/Jul/1882 d/o Samuel Smith Craghead & Martha A. Smith #3774
Craghead, Lena 20/Jan/1882 13/Sep/1882 d/o John F. Craghead & Martha L. Brooks #4590
Craghead, Lois Anne Baetz (Welsh) 05/Feb/1928 03/Nov/2000 w/o 1st Sherwood Craghead 2nd Maurice Welsh #8699
Craghead, Lucy J. Smith 17/Jan/1854 03/Apr/1910 d/o Alexander Smth & Ursula Percy, w/o Marcellus F. Craghead #4485
Craghead, Mary Ollie 06/Feb/1877 11/Jan/1883 d/o Samuel Smith Craghead & Martha A. Smith #4511
Craghead, Mary Virginia Hardin 25/Feb/1873 07/Jan/1970 d/o George W. Hardin & Martha V. Houchins, w/o Edward P. Craghead #4577
Craghead, Milton Joel Eldridge 23/Sep/1869 02/Oct/1870 s/o Robert Powell Craghead & Nancy Hall #4473
Craghead, Sarah Hale 18/Feb/1800 13/Aug/1881 w/o John R. Craghead #2762
Craghead, Stephen 18/Jun/1808 21/Nov/1880 s/o Robert M. Craghead & Nancy Powell, h/o Nancy Blount #2750
Craghead, William abt 1846 09/Apr/1904 s/o Stephen Craghead & Nancy Blount #4399
Craghead, William abt 1846 09/Apr/1904 additional about death #4399
Craghead, William 10/Jul/1795 31/May/1879 s/o Robert M. Craghead & Nancy Powell, h/o Nancy P. Craghead #2648
Craghead, William L. 29/Jan/1932 05/Jan/2007 s/o Paris S. Craghead & Leota B. Holt, h/o Beulah Moore #8615
Craghead, Zara 23/Oct/1874 08/Feb/1879 s/o John F. Craghead & Martha Brooks #6817
Craig, Martha Bell Carter 24/Jul/1831 28/Jun/1922 d/o Robert P. Carter & Mary Smith, w/o James T. Craig #6738
Craighead, Cal 11/Sep/1834 15/Nov/1915 s/o William Craghead & Nancy P. Craghead, h/o 1st Margaret Douglass & 2nd Jane F. Herring #4406
Craighead, David Crockett 20/Nov/1834 10/Mar/1914 s/o Solomon Craighead & Elizabeth Dunlap h/o Sarah F. Hardin #3041
Craighead, Elizabeth F. 20/Mar/1851 21/Aug/1883 d/o William A.B. Craighead & Nancy May #1385
Craighead, Francis Jane Payne 02/Mar/1831 20/Apr/1916 d/o Robert P. Payne & Elizabeth unknown, w/o Isaiah O. Craighead #303
Craighead, George Lewis 26/Aug/1929 06/Jul/2008 s/o Guy T. Craighead & Eunice M. Kemp #8084
Craighead, James Price 04/Nov/1912 21/Dec/2008 s/o Solomon A. Craghead & State Ira Davis, h/o Mildred Howison #6097
Craighead, Jane Francis Herring 09/Dec/1838 24/Feb/1929 d/o George W. Herring & Lucy Simco, w/o John Conger, Ben. Suggett, Cal Craighead #21
Craighead, John Alexander 23/Sep/1839 22/Jun/1901 h/o Elizabeth Martha Adair #4417
Craighead, John G. 17/Nov/1849 05/Apr/1875 s/o W.A.B. Craghead & Nancy May #3028
Craighead, John Russel 15/Jul/1908 29/Nov/1997 s/o Roy Craghead & Lydia Carrington, h/o Merle Love #2143
Craighead, Michael Ray 31/Oct/1959 31/Oct/1959 s/o John Wesley Craighead #13590
Craighead, William Noble 20/Feb/1920 29/Nov/1999 s/o William N. Craghead & Zella Fewell, h/o Mable Louise Potts #7191
Creed, James abt 1839 06/Feb/1908 bro/o Elijah Creed  
Criswell, Evelyn Jewell Ballenger 22/Feb/1917 03/Apr/2001 d/o Everett Ballenger & Evelyn Shelnutt, w/o Russell Paulide Criswell #11656
Criswell, Noah Church 07/Oct/1871 01/Jul/1950 s/o John C. Criswell & Elizabeth F. Moore, h/o Julia Ann Loyd #4268
Criswell, Russell Paulide 16/Apr/1916 26/Mar/2005 s/o Paulide H. Criswell & Mary Elizabeth Scholl h/o Evelyn Jewell Ballenger #11655
Crockett, James M. abt 1834 18/Oct/1877    
Crosthwaite, Isaac P. 1832 27/Mar/1873 s/o Isaac D. Crosthwaite & Nancy Herring h/o Sarah Jane Herring #3065
Crowson, Dennis 04/Jan/1878 02/Sep/1952 s/o Edward H. Crowson & Elizabeth Dawson, h/o Beulah Craighead #8635
Crowson, Edward Herndon 08/Oct/1850 11/Jan/1908 s/o William Crowson, h/o Elizabeth Dawson #8634
Culbertson, James A.G. 06/Mar/1835 12/Aug/1910 s/o Joseph Culbertson & Sarah A. Griffith #5407
Cunningham, S. Clay Abt. 1859 Jan/1935    
Cuno, Julia Ann Kemp 17/Jul/1905 03/Jan/1983 d/o Isaac D. Kemp & Martha Pasley, w/o Fred G. Cuno #9898
Davenport, Harvey 31/Dec/1872 07/Nov/1968 s/o Henry W. Davenport & Rachel Hughes, h/o Etha M. Durell #14607
Davis, Amelia Day 09/Feb/1803 03/Jul/1880 d/o Truman Day & Mary Saunders, w/o Gerard Davis #4664
Davis, Elias Mar/1835 29/Jul/1902 s/o Gerard Davis & Amelia Day, h/o Sarah Nichols #4701
Davis, James R., Dr. 20/Feb/1868 22/Aug/1910 s/o Robert F. Davis & Elizabeth Bagby, h/o Virginia Wright  
Davis, Julia Adkinson abt 1824 08/Jul/1905 d/o James Atkinson & Sarah King, w/o Richard Davis #1366
Davis, Lucy Booth 05/Oct/1876 23/Nov/1948 d/o Steven W. Booth & Ann Mary Smith, w/o Monroe Davis #14313
Davis, Vannie Threlkeld abt 1873 12/Feb/1908 w/o W. Lee Davis  
Dawson, Achillies 19/Mar/1825 01/Sep/1882 s/o Elijah Dawson & Judith Gilliam, h/o Mary Wright & Louisa Harper #3125
Dawson, Ethel Willett 19/Mar/1891 21/Aug/1962 d/o John Willett & Mollie Boyd, w/o William S. Dawson #1721
Dawson, Joyce Fay unknown 16/Jul/1967 d/o Barry A. Dawson & Elizabeth Holmes #13385
Dawson, Mary Ann Herring 29/Oct/1820 24/Jun/1906 d/o John B. Herring & Mariah Hill w/o Robert H. Dawson #3111
Dawson, William H. 03/Aug/1843 05/Apr/1926 s/o Robert H. Dawson & Mary Ann Herring, h/o Mary A. Brandon #3113
Day, Abbie Jane 25/Sep/1890 10/Jun/1961 d/o Truman Day & Clara Polacek #1098
Day, Catharine McIntire abt 1796 Sep/1848 w/o Lewis Day #4679
Day, Gladys Junanita Witcher 23/Mar/1909 26/Mar/2001 d/o James S. Witcher & Deonie Frances, w/o William Taylor Day #12900
Day, Levi O. 1821 24/Nov/1881 s/o Ackley Day & Sarah Oxley h/o Melvina Winn #3577
Day, Permelia Overton abt 1854 21/Feb/1880 d/o Benjamin F. Overton & Ann S. Holt, w/o Sanders Perfect Day #3450
Day, Robert Thomas 20/Aug/1930 07/Dec/2004 s/o Daniel Price Day & Hattie V. unknown #11738
Day, Sanders Perfect 20/Jan/1846 17/Mar/1933 s/o Truman Day & Eliza Clendenen, h/o Permelia Overton, Margaret Crooks #370
Day, Tom 20/Jul/1900 30/Dec/1962 s/o Robert Day & Susan Daub #11822
Day, Truman "Bud" 01/Dec/1849 14/Jun/1913 s/o Truman Day & Eliza Clendenen, h/o Clara M. Polacek #3466
Debo, Virginia Holmes (Baysinger) 02/Feb/1858 17/May/1914 d/o William Holmes & Elizabeth Bybee, w/o 1st Thomas Baysinger & 2nd Millard F. Debo #549
Divers, John W. 21/Jan/1856 09/Mar/1920 s/o John R. Divers and Nancy Betz, h/o Nannie B. Dudley #9692
Dreps, Joseph P. 09/Aug/1821 02/Feb/1913 s/o Ernest Dreps, h/o Mary Dawson  
Dudley, Bedelia Louise Wright 11/Nov/1913 26/Feb/1998 d/o Jewett M. Wright & Susan Potts, w/o Ransom E. Dudley #2647
Dulin, Mariah Hill (Herring) (Sitton) abt 1796 25/Jan/1879 d/o Charles Hill Sr. & Molly Hill, w/o John B. Herring, Ezra Sitton, Thomas Dulin #104
Dunavant, Allen 1878 04/Feb/1908 s/o James L. Dunavant & Matilda Renoe, h/o Lena Miller #6901
Dunavant, Amanda Hyten 1835 16/Apr/1872 d/o Stephen H. Hyten & Nancy McGary, w/o William H. Dunavant #2835
Dunavant, Bobby Lee 12/Aug/1932 12/Mar/2001 s/o William T. Dunavant & Gladys Grimm, h/o Bonnie L. Hall #9222
Dunavant, Ida Conway 09/Dec/1906 11/Jan/1935 d/o Edmund W. Dunavant & Nuell Smith #6907
Dunavant, William H. 19/Oct/1833 16/May/1873 s/o Josephus Dunavant & Jane Moore, h/o Amanda Hyten #5789
Dunham, George W. 05/Jan/1822 27/Feb/1875 h/o 1st Louisa Steel, 2nd Nancy Wise #13432
Dunlap, Martha E. Dawson 01/Jul/1846 05/Mar/1875 d/o James Dawson & Nancy Wise, w/o James M. Dunlap #9980
Dunlap, Robert Sr. 26/Feb/1763 26/Sep/1848 h/o Elizabeth Wile #2900
Durr, Gertrude Lamers 07/Mar/1847 15/Jan/1935 w/o Henry VanReen, George Durr  
Eller, Wayne abt 1832 29/Jul/1902    
Emmons, Fannie Sampson 22/Mar/1867 22/Apr/1908 d/o Andrew Sampson & M. Isabell Nevins, w/o Sterling Price Emmons #14317
Epperson, Susan Craig 15/May/1855 03/may 1944 d/o James T. Craig & Martha B. Carter, w/o Virgil W. Epperson #6740
Ewing, James Monroe abt. 1831 05/May/1873 s/o James P. Ewing & Belinda Neil #4079
Ewing, Nannie Carrington 16/Dec/1843 16/Nov/1869 d/o William T. Carrington & Susan Fisher, w/o Alexander C. Ewing #5784
Ewing, William Neil 17/Apr/1822 14/May/1876 s/o James P. Ewing & Belinda Neil, h/o Lucy Maupin, Georgianna Herring #42
Farmer, Martha Overton 20/Mar/1813 04/Nov/1893 d/o Lewis Overton & Sarah Gibbs, w/o Robert Samuels & Joseph Farmer #3430
Fisher, Joseph Sr. 15/Dec/1801 17/Feb/1879 s/o William Fisher & Susan Peck, h/o Mary P. Craghead #2753
Fletcher, George Collier 31/Mar/1857 18/Feb/1881 s/o Albert S. Fletcher & Julia Herring #3142
Fletcher, John George 23/Aug/1931 30/Aug/2003 s/o Cecil Fletcher & Golden Fay Larrimore #9112
Fletcher, John Henry 18/Jun/1881 20/Aug/1962 s/o John T. Fletcher & Annie E. Hill, h/o Nora Watkins & Annie Lee Fisher #325
Fletcher, Judith Leroy 01/Mar/1860 09/Mar/1877 d/o John F. Fletcher & Judith Simco #823
Flood, Mary Agnes 17/Apr/1839 22/Sep/1909 d/o Rev. Noah Flood & Levisa J. Ayres #4947
Flood, Noah, Rev. 14/Jun/1809 11/Aug/1873 s/o Joshua A. Flood & Mary Bondurant, h/o Levisa J. Ayres #278
Forestal, Charles 13/Oct/1840 05/Nov/1909 h/o Mary Frances Judt #3998
Forsee, Charles Elzy 02/Apr/1859 03/Jul/1935 h/o Mollie F. Selby #10380
Fox, Mary Eva Plybon 17/Oct/1888 08/Feb/1920 d/o J.B. Plybon & Mary Dillen, w/o Homer Fox  
Frank, Charles H. 16/Sep/1865 11/Jan/1936 s/o Jacob Frank & Katharina Backer h/o Emma M. Weimeyer #12304
Franklin, Martha G. Dawson 20/Apr/1851 29/May/1930 d/o Robert H. Dawson & Mary A. Herring w/o James A. Franklin #3116
Fullilove, Cordelia 09/Sep/1871 25/Feb/1874 dau/o Dr. Frazier & Nannie Fullilove  
Gannaway, Mary E. Herring 26/Jan/1843 10/Jan/1935 d/o George W. Herring & Lucy Simco w/o George Gannaway #14
Garrett, Thomas Benjamin 01/Jul/1841 22/Mar/1925 s/o Elijah Garrett, h/o Mary Jane Taylor  
Gathright, Opal Wyatt 06/Dec/1913 12/Dec/2001 d/o Arthur Wyatt & Betty Rossen w/o Leon Gathright #8086
Gathright, William B. 23/Feb/1871 27/Mar/1936 s/o John T. Gathright & Betty J. Davis h/o Mary F. Giboney #8427
Gibbs, Julius Thomas 04/Apr/1863 16/Feb/1910 s/o Churchill Gibbs & Jane F. Dulin h/o Leona A. Fletcher #4538
Gibbs, Louiza Brooks 02/Oct/1848 28/Apr/1912 d/o Robert Brooks & Elizabeth Rhodes w/o William H. Gibbs #10410
Giboney, Nancy Herring 25/May/1834 15/Feb/1901 d/o John Herring & Lucy Carver w/o Peter M. Giboney #36
Giboney, Shirley Surface 22/Oct/1935 08/Apr/2004 d/o Arthur Surface & Goldie Ramsdell w/o Larry L. Giboney #12982
Gilman, Ralph Mottaz 09/Jun/1910 05/Feb/1981 s/o Roy Gilman & Goldie Pasley, h/o Betty Dews  
Gilmore, Mary Annis Adkinson 17/Apr/1863 03/Jul/1935 d/o John E. Adkinson & Nancy J. Lawson w/o Thomas Gilmore #12313
Gilpin, Sterling Kemper 15/Jan/1905 23/Jul/1905 s/o Sterling P. Gilpin & Hallie M. Kemper #7575
Gingrich, Mary E. Craighead 24/Feb/1866 13/Jan/1936 d/o Isaiah O. Craighead & Francis J. Payne w/o Newton Gingrich #4416
Glennen, Olive Viola Craighead 04/Jan/1886 26/Nov/1970 d/o Mark A. Craighead & Barbara Debo w/o James Clarence Glennen #4871
Gooldy, Evelyn Hope Dawson 21/Oct/1888 19/Jul/1970 d/o James A. Dawson & Ida V. Berry w/o Otis Boyd Gooldy #4039
Gray, Paralee Burnett Aug/1850 04/Apr/1930 d/o Danial Burnett & Susan Rhodes w/o Abner P. Gray #8112
Greenway, Fannie B. Victor abt 1890 14/Feb/1920 d/o Samuel Victor & Clara Finley, w/o Homer T. Greenway  
Grogan, Alma Carter 12/Jul/1890 24/Jun/1914 d/o Patrick J. Grogan & Sarah Ellen Carter #159
Grogan, Patrick J. Mar/1846 07/Feb/1908 h/o Sarah Ellen Carter #152
Grogan, Sarah Ellen Carter 02/Feb/1851 23/Apr/1912 d/o John G. Carter & Matilda J. Herring w/o Patrick Grogan #112
Grogan, William M. Dec/1877 04/Jul/1904 s/o Patrick Grogan & Sarah Ellen Carter #155
Grogan, William Ricken 28/Feb/1872 24/Sep/1872 s/o Patrick Grogan & Sarah E. Carter #151
Grogan, unknown unknown 01/Feb/1905 w/o William M. Grogan #13393
Guerrant, Georgia Mildred Stultz 29/Jan/1907 01/Mar/2005 d/o David H. Stultz & Ella Fridey w/o Charles Lee Guerrant #10613
Guthrie, Annie Laura Murray 24/Jul/1851 14/Jul/1919 d/o Andrew Murray & Nancy Sheley w/o James S. Guthrie #9760
Guthrie, James S. 31/Dec/1854 24/Oct/1935 s/o Robert E. Guthrie & Mary J. Chalfant h/o Annie Laura Murray #9759
Guthrie, Mary Jane Chalfant 14/Mar/1830 18/Mar/1909 d/o James Chalfant & Matilda Renoe w/o Robert Ewing Guthrie #860
Guthrie, Robert Ewing 20/Apr/1824 11/Mar/1909 s/o Samuel T. Guthrie & Sarah Phillips h/o Mary Jane Chalfant #859
Guthrie, Thomas Franklin 01/Apr/1831 01/Jul/1913 s/o Samuel T. Guthrie & Sarah Phillips h/o Mary E. Clatterbuck #879
Haley, Ellen Kathleen 10/Sep/1943 19/Mar/1983 d/o Henry B. Haley & Evelyn V. Carrington #3200
Haley, Evelyn V. Carrington 23/Jun/1917 21/Jan/1999 d/o George E. Carrington & Ada Perry w/o Henry B. Jack Haley #3197
Haley, Henry B. "Jack" 12/Jul/1914 17/Feb/1983 s/o Wilson & Minnie Haley h/o Evelyn Carrington #3198
Halley, Mildred Craighead 30/Sep/1832 05/Aug/1914 d/o John Craighead & Julia Smith w/o Thomas Halley #4387
Halley, Olivia Dudley 10/Mar/1861 19/Jul/1949 d/o Payton Dudley & Hannah Gilbert w/o Henry Clay D. Halley #5382
Hamilton, Beulah Lawrence 21/Dec/1900 11/Mar/1988 d/o Norman Lawrence & Eva Niblack w/o John Hamilton #9503
Hampton, Hazel J. Gathright 20/Oct/1924 26/Feb/2004 d/o Virgil Gathright & Alta Craghead w/o James R. Hampton #1912
Hampton, Thomas Monroe 12/Mar/1898 07/Jan/1970 s/o James J. Hampton & Ella Culberson h/o Ruth Gathright #8434
Hardin, Loula Maddox 03/Nov/1882 24/Feb/1920 d/o William Maddox w/o John E. Cain, Eugene Eustace Hardin #9265
Hardin, Minerva Jane Branch 10/Mar/1876 27/Aug/1948 d/o James D. Branch and Elizabeth Johnston w/o Eugene O. Hardin #9266
Hardin, Rosa Crowson 18/Oct/1820 13/Oct/1914 d/o James Crowson & Mary Smith w/o H. Wilcockson, Elihu Hardin #5554
Harrison, Annie Blades 22/Apr/1872 04/Mar/1920 d/o Charles Blades & Elizabeth Cowherd w/o M.F. Harrison  
Harrison, Delores Tate 1929 17/Dec/2006 d/o Roy Tate & Esie J. Cole w/o Charles Bus Harrison #9042
Harrison, Dulcenia Bloodroe abt. 1800 25/May/1874 w/o Micajah V. Harrison #7384
Harrison, Elsie Jewell Cole 02/Mar/1906 15/Dec/2001 d/o Grover Cole & Maggie May Lee w/o Marvin Lee Harrison #2441
Harrison, Frazier Nesbit 24/Jan/1881 13/Aug/1910 s/o William C. Harrison & Maggie Ratekin  
Harrison, Major John 07/Oct/1791 19/Feb/1874 h/o Mary Crockett #995
Harrison, Mary Frances Vincent 13/Aug/1847 06/Sep/1932 d/o Elisha Vinson or Vincent & Nancy Hudleston w/o William B. Harrison #1403
Harrison, Nelle Cowan 19/Feb/1899 17/Feb/1983 d/o Charles H. Cowan & Olive Rood w/o Walter Bernard Harrison #10093
Harrison, Otis Woodrow 19/Mar/1919 26/Dec/2000 s/o William E. Harrison & Ila M. Miller h/o Melba E. Craghead #2450
Hart, Francis S. abt 1860 18/Oct/1877 s/o James Hart & Susan Sayers  
Hart, Marietta abt 1863 16/Oct/1877 d/o James Hart & Susan Sayers  
Hazelrigg, Francis Mirts 02/Jun/1924 24/May/2002 d/o Stanley Mirts & Martha Ballmeier w/o Franklin Wall Hazelrigg Jr. #11767
Henderson, Elizabeth Brandon Vaughn 14-jul-1826 28-oct-1909 d/o Robert Brandon & Mary J. Holt w/o Wm. Vaughn, J.A. Henderson #5283
Henderson, Hadassa Finley 17/Sep/1814 28/Nov/1887 w/o Alexander Henderson #12434
Henderson, Mattie E. 16/Aug/1853 14/Aug/1904 d/o Alexander & Hadassah Henderson #12445
Hendrix, Donna Zara 09/Jul/1938 30/Jan/1940 d/o William T. Hendrix & Clara Roth #8801
Hendrix, James C. 28/Jan/1864 06/Feb/1912 s/o William Hedrix & Catherine Craghead #5727
Hendrix, Melissa J. Hunt 01/Jul/1860 18/Jul/1935 d/o William Hunt & Jane Palmer w/o John Hiram Hendrix #8639
Hendrix, Nollie William 10/Jun/1889 26/Dec/1966 s/o Andrew M. Hendrix & Mary A. Bell, h/o Luttie A. Sevall #14064
Herndon, Mary Bennett 10/May/1854 12/Apr/1947 d/o Joel Bennett & Mary McAfee, w/o John Otho Herndon  
Herring, Annie L. Meloy 15/Sep/1870 10/Jul/1948 d/o Everett O. Meloy & Pauline Mirts w/o William Thomas Herring #398
Herring, Arleigh H. 27/Jul/1903 26/Aug/1981 s/o "Bob" Herring & Sarah Cave h/o Mercedes Rowe #122
Herring, Benjamin F. 22/Jul/1858 24/Mar/1925 s/o Gideon C. Herring & Lucy J. Simco h/o Martha Turner #404
Herring, Charles Guy 31/Oct/1879 31/Mar/1931 s/o Dabney C. Herring & Mary F. Simco h/o Katheryn Randolph #857
Herring, Charles P. 09/Dec/1863 12/Jan/1888 s/o George W. Herring & Hester Kemp #144
Herring, Churchill 24/Dec/1874 01/Mar/1875 s/o Marcus Herring & Martha Carrington #9819
Herring, Claude Lawson 18/Sep/1894 12/Apr/1917 s/o John M. Herring & Cassander Woods h/o Anna Smiley #3010
Herring, David Wilson 01/Apr/1917 27/Oct/1981 s/o Dolor Herring & Josephine Carter h/o Iris Nadine Carrington #89
Herring, Dolor W., Judge 19/Dec/1871 06/Jan/1937 s/o George W. Herring & Josima Allen h/o Josephine Carter #54
Herring, Dolor W., Judge 19/Dec/1871 06/Jan/1937 2nd obituary #54
Herring, Dorothy Furlong 17/Sep/1921 29/Jan/2004 d/o Louis H. Furlong & Ada M. Dunn w/o Frank O. Herring #3416
Herring, Ebenezer abt 1839 06/Mar/1878 s/o Nathan Herring & Susan Hill h/o Eliza Fletcher #464
Herring, Frank Otis 18/Sep/1919 28/Dec/1996 s/o Obie Herring & Eva Pearl Menefee h/o Dorothy Furlong #3415
Herring, George Powell 10/Aug/1911 09/Jan/1993 s/o Seth Herring & Myrtle Qualls h/o LaVerne Zimmerman #553
Herring, George W. 10/Jul/1823 20/Sep/1878 s/o John Herring & Lucy Carver h/o Hester Ann Kemp #26
Herring, George Washington Jr. 14/Feb/1846 15/Jun/1929 s/o George W. Herring Sr. & Lucy Simco h/o Josima McNerva Allen #15
Herring, George Washington Sr. abt 1874 23/Jul/1876 s/o George Herring & Elizabeth Closby h/o Lucy Simco #4
Herring, George Wesley 05/Jun/1890 06/Dec/1966 s/o Wm. Henry Herring & Naomi Dorsey h/o 1st Mary Pasley 2nd Pauline Burks #2826
Herring, Gideon Carver 25/May/1831 21/Nov/1914 s/o John Herring & Lucy Carver h/o Lucy J. Simco #35
Herring, Grover C. 11/Dec/1884 22/Jul/1967 s/o George W. Herring & Josima Allen h/o Rose Baysinger #60
Herring, Infant Son 07/Sep/1864 21/Sep/1864 s/o James C. Herring & Sarah J. Knight #472
Herring, Iris Nadine Carrington 14/Feb/1923 04/Sep/1995 d/o C.D. Jack Carrington & Mary L. Wilkes w/o David Wilson Herring #100
Herring, J. Allen 1890 19/Feb/1920 s/o George W. Herring & Josima Allen h/o Tina Lee Dillard #63
Herring, James Clark 07/Aug/1819 30/Jan/1888 s/o John Herring & Lucy Carver h/o Sarah Jane Knight #24
Herring, James G. abt 1856 04/Jul/1927 s/o George W. Herring & Hester A. Kemp h/o Clara V. Davis #141
Herring, Jessie 10/Oct/1893 15/Apr/1906 d/o Wm. Henry Herring & Naomi Dorsey #2827
Herring, John Dabney 19/Dec/1854 04/Apr/1931 s/o George W. Herring & Hester A. Kemp h/o Permelia J. Davis #2949
Herring, John Milton 23/Jan/1857 01/Dec/1913 s/o Andrew C. Herring & Latitia Crooks, h/o 1st Josephine Jackson 2nd Casandra Woods #150
Herring, John W. 11/Mar/1852 19/Jun/1875 s/o John P. Herring & Amanda J. Knight #3149
Herring, John W. 11/Mar/1852 19/Jun/1875 Memoriam tribute #3149
Herring, John W. 17/May/1843 12/Jan/1907 s/o James C. Herring & Sarah J. Knight h/o Amanda unknown #81
Herring, John Wesley 29/Jun/1875 10/Jul/1950 s/o Thomas W. Herring & Mary J. Young h/o 1st Sallie Woods 2nd Clara Woods #2859
Herring, Joseph 20/Jan/1865 25/Jun/1935 s/o Thomas W. Herring & Mary J. Young h/o Ludie Davidson #3235
Herring, Josephine Carter 25/May/1919 21/Oct/1922 d/o Dolor W. Herring & Josephine Carter #90
Herring, Josephine Carter 15/Oct/1881 02/Oct/1961 d/o John R. Carter & Margaret Fletcher w/o Dolor W. Herring #87
Herring, Josephine Price Jackson 15/Apr/1858 19/Oct/1877 d/o James M. Jackson & Eliza M. Howe w/o John Milton Herring #825
Herring, Josima M. Allen 10/Apr/1854 06/Dec/1922 d/o John K. Allen & Mary L. Walker w/o George W. Herring #53
Herring, Josima M. Allen 10/Apr/1854 06/Dec/1922 second obit #53
Herring, Kathryn VanReen 05/Aug/1899 04/Nov/1991 w/o Nolan Jack Herring #6034
Herring, Lucy Carver 16/Apr/1796 30/Mar/1873 d/o Jarrell Carver & Nancy Beck w/o John Herring #23
Herring, Lucy Emma Giboney 06/Dec/1863 15/Apr/1928 d/o Peter Giboney & Nancy Herring w/o Willis Dabney Herring #79
Herring, Lucy Simco 28/Nov/1808 07/Apr/1896 d/o James Simco & Frances Canaday w/o George W. Herring #8
Herring, Lucy Simco 28/Nov/1808 07/Apr/1896 in Memory of #8
Herring, Luther E. 30/Jun/1885 25/Jan/1956 s/o Thomas W. Herring & Mary J. Young h/o Alice Mosley #2863
Herring, Marcus T. 22/Sep/1852 01/Jul/1883 s/o Andrew C. Herring & Latitia Crooks h/o Martha A. Carrington #147
Herring, Margaret Ansella 06/Oct/1911 18/Jan/1936 d/o Dolor W. Herring & Josephin Carter #88
Herring, Margaret Marie O'Neal 05/Aug/1927 02/Mar/2008 d/o Walter and Rosa O'Neal w/o Paul K. Herring #3408
Herring, Martha Carrington 04/Nov/1852 13/Sep/1877 d/o John Carrington & Elizabeth Randolph w/o Marcus T. Herring #3613
Herring, Mary Elizabeth 1851 31/Aug/1864 dau/o James C. Herring & Sarah J. Knight #471
Herring, Mary F. Pasley 14/Jun/1892 17/Oct/1925 d/o Elvin Pasley & Martha Kemp w/o George W. Herring #2994
Herring, Mary F. Simco 01/Feb/1836 15/Jun/1919 d/o Reuben B. Simco & Sarah C. Hill w/o Dabney Carver Herring #396
Herring, Mattie Bartley abt 1860 04/Mar/1947 d/o William Bartley & Mary F. Moslely w/o William R. Herring #6826
Herring, Mercedes Rowe 27/Mar/1910 21/Mar/2001 d/o William Rowe and Maude Stauffen w/o Arleigh Herring #140
Herring, Merrill Roy 15/Aug/1919 08/Dec/1994 s/o LeRoy Herring & Rachael Davenport h/o Riva Schwartz #3404
Herring, Nathan 26/Dec/1799 03/Apr/1884 s/o George Herring & Elizabeth Closby h/o Susan Hill #7
Herring, Obie 20/Oct/1888 22/Dec/1967 s/o Willis D. Herring & Lucy E. Giboney h/o Eva Pearl Menefee #139
Herring, Otis P. "Tommy" 12/May/1899 16/Mar/1951 s/o William T. Herring & Annie L. Meloy h/o Mabel Cox #4260
Herring, Paul A. 04/Jan/1917 24/Aug/2002 s/o Letus W. Herring & Rosene L. Mosley h/o Juanita Cox #5502
Herring, Paul K. 25/May/1921 17/Jun/2000 s/o LeRoy Herring & Rachael Davenport h/o 1st Ruby McCowan 2nd Margaret M. O'Neil #3406
Herring, Rachael Davenport 05/Nov/1899 18/Jan/1969 d/o Harvey Davenport & Rachel Hughes w/o LeRoy Herring #3246
Herring, S. Maude Hook 31/Jul/1876 13/May/1909 d/o Thomas B. Hook & Kate Dunham w/o Ira Brooks Herring #3180
Herring, Sallie A. 20/Sep/1866 25/Mar/1888 dau/o George W. Herring & Hester A. Kemp #145
Herring, Sarah J. Knight 02/Jan/1821 23/Feb/1912 d/o William Knight & Eliza Hornbuckle w/o James Clark Herring #80
Herring, Seth "Jack" 11/Dec/1875 10/Nov/1948 s/o George W. Herring & Josima Allen h/o Myrtle Qualls #56
Herring, Susan Hill 1802 28/Jul/1884 w/o Nathan Herring #41
Herring, Thomas W., Judge 29/Jan/1845 20/Dec/1922 s/o James C. Herring & Sarah J. Knight h/o Mary A. Hardin #82
Herring, Trennie Enfield 16/Jan/1886 03/Mar/1920 d/o John Milton Herring & Cassander Woods #853
Herring, Walter Glenn 26/Sep/1922 15/Sep/2009 s/o Leroy Herring & Rachael Davenport h/o Vivian Young #3409
Herring, William Henry 22/Mar/1861 11/Feb/1877 s/o Gideon C. Herring & Lucy J. Simco #405
Herring, William J. 25/Oct/1825 22/May/1905 s/o John Herring & Lucy Carver h/o Rebecca A. Knight #31
Herring, Willie Gilpin 27/Dec/1853 27/Jul/1877 d/o Burwell Gilpin & Nancy Womack w/o Jerrell Carver Herring #817
Herring, Willis Dabney 10/May/1851 11/Oct/1932 s/o George W. Herring & Lucy Simco h/o Lucy Emma Giboney #19
Herring, Wm. Henry abt 1859 06/Jul/1927 s/o George W. Herring & Hester A. Kemp h/o 1st Naomi Dorsey 2nd Elsie A. Farris #142
Hibbert, Della Coil abt 1886 Jan/1936 d/o James Coil  
Hickerson, John Henry 12/Feb/1856 08/Feb/1936 h/o Liddie C. Hickerson  
Hill, Derrit M. 12/Jan/1829 23/Jul/1895 s/o John Hill & Agnes Brockman h/o Francis Hill #3061
Hill, Elizabeth Fletcher 17/Feb/1844 22/Jun/1903 d/o John F. Fletcher & Judith Smico w/o James Simco Hill #816
Hill, Elizabeth W. Simco 24/Jan/1807 24/Jul/1871 d/o James Simco & Frances Canaday w/o Willis C. Hill #425
Hill, John William 09/Jun/1865 26/Mar/1936 s/o James S. Hill & Elizabeth Fletcher h/o 1st Maggie McClellan 2nd Lena L. Sims #4111
Hill, Maggie McClellan 16/Dec/1872 31/Jul/1904 d/o Oliver T. McClellan & Elizabeth Cottam w/o John William Hill #4852
Hill, Margaret unknown 17/Feb/1836 29/Nov/1901 w/o John Henry Hill #3053
Hill, William C. 08/Feb/1836 15/Jul/1904 s/o Wilis C. Hill & Elizabeth W. Simco h/o Lucy J. Hall #3050
Hinshaw, Lucy May Clatterbuck 24/Sep/1907 28/Sep/2007 d/o James L. Clatterbuck & Caroline Clatterbuck w/o Ernest Raymond Hinshaw #10297
Hockaday, Liza 02/Jun/1847 17/Mar/1874 d/o Judge Hockaday  
Holem, Edna Turner 30/Oct/1908 07/Jul/1935 d/o Elmore Turner & Anna Rice, w/o George Holem  
Holman, Elizabeth Black 21/Mar/1841 22/Mar/1925 d/o Samuel Black & Margaret Lynch w/o James E. Holman #911
Holmes, Elmer Lee abt 1899 16/Feb/1920 s/o James B. Holmes & Mary J. Reed #14161
Holt, Elizabeth Clatterbuck 29/Sep/1839 16/Oct/1925 d/o William G. Clatterbuck & Caroline Leopard w/o Timothy Holt #5823
Holt, Harry G. 01/Aug/1899 20/Nov/1943 s/o James W. Holt & Mary J. Foster #6264
Holt, Jack Criswell 03/Jan/1934 04/Feb/1967 s/o Irving Holt & Katheryn Wilkerson h/o Kathryn L. Holsman #6531
Holt, Katheryn Wilkerson 18/Feb/1906 01/Jun/2002 d/o William H. Wilkerson & Ida E. Gibbs w/o Irving C. Holt #6530
Holt, Kathryn L. Holsman 10/Oct/1937 31/Aug/1967 d/o Henry and May Holsman w/o Jack Criswell Holt #6532
Holt, Lucretia Thompson 22/Jul/1875 23/Jul/1902 w/o Walter P. Holt #9240
Holt, Mary Elizabeth 22/Jul/1914 22/Jan/1915 d/o Hiram Holt & Beulah Griffin #6255
Holt, Michael Kent 29/Jun/1959 09/Mar/2005 s/o Jack C. Holt & Kathryn Holsman #6533
Holt, Raymond Elmo 18/May/1926 05/Sep/2004 s/o Paul G. Holt & Nellie E. Blythe h/o Carol Halley #8623
Holt, Robert "Bobby" 03/May/1928 11/Feb/1935 s/o Lewis R. Holt & Mary Nichols #6609
Holt, Sadie Custard 03/Mar/1900 01/Jan/1983 d/o John W. Custart & Gillie A. Woods w/o Walter V. Holt #9945
Holt, Susan Willing 11/Jul/1848 1933 d/o William Willing & Eliza Parker w/o Benjamin Holt #2372
Holt, Timothy 15/May/1836 06/Feb/1912 s/o James Holt & Lucy A. Reynolds h/o Elizabeth Ann Clatterbuck #3713
Holt, Zealla Sampson 03/Jun/1884 23/Aug/1937 d/o William Sampson & Roxanna Robinson w/o Curtis C. Holt #6602
Hook, Anna Margaret LaRue 08/Mar/1885 23/Aug/1962 d/o Parkinson LaRue & Amelia E. Smith w/o Irvine N. Hook #4773
Hook, Elizabeth J. Carrington abt. 1845 07/Sep/1936 d/o William T. Carrington & Susan Fisher w/o John Duval West Hook #5763
Hook, Sallie Kemp 17/Oct/1842 27/Jun/1913 d/o John W. Kemp & Ann S. Ward w/o Graham T. Hook #9393
Hook, Sam Jones Jr. 27/Aug/1923 09/Jan/2000 s/o Samuel J. Hook & Laura E. Backer h/o Emily Vandeloecht #11355
Hook, Zadok 1814 31/Oct/1877 h/o 1st Mary West 2nd Isabell Barker #3968
Houchins, Margaret Fern 28/Dec/1919 05/Sep/2007 d/o Challey H. Houchins & Eula B. Wright #7183
Houchins, Sallie Stultz 14/Dec/1857 03/May/1925 d/o Henry Stultz & Margaret A. Houf w/o James Edward Houchins #2322
Houchins, Thomas 07/Dec/1862 08/Dec/1897 s/o Edward Houchins & Mary L. Wilcockson #7737
Houf, Harry W. Jr. May/1875 02/Dec/1943 s/o Henry Stultz Houf & Louisa Bishop h/o Verta L. unknown #5036
Houf, Mary Eva Summers abt. 1796 Oct/1869 w/o Peter Houf #5023
Howe, Harvey Kirkpatrick 16/Sep/1828 31/Jan/1905 s/o Isaac Price Howe & Jane Boyd h/o Sophia Crooks #1510
Howison, George W. abt 1839 22/Jun/1879    
Hudson, Laura Clatterbuck 21/Apr/1867 21/Nov/1949 d/o John L. Clatterbuck & Lucy F. Reynolds w/o Samuel Henry Hudson #6455
Hudson, Otho M. 11/Mar/1888 24/Jun/1967 s/o Hiram Hudson & Mary L. Nevins h/o Mary E. Myers #13380
Hughes, Ezra 14/Jan/1899 15/Jan/1979 s/o Robert L. Hughes & Susan James Newsom, h/o Margaret Schmidt  
Hughes, Ruben 26/Sep/1908 14/Feb/1983 s/o Frank Hughes & Fannie Bell, h/o Hallene Day  
Humphrey, Mathis Bruce 18/Feb/1924 23/Jul/1959 s/o Emir Scott Humphrey & Ethel Mae CLingman h/o Laverne Vaughn  
Humphrey, Virgil D. 25/Oct/1899 13/Jul/1964 s/o John Humphrey & Dora Sanders, h/o Anna Cheney  
Humphreys, James abt 1810 12/Mar/1875    
Hunt, John Lee abt 1875 May 4, 1944 s/o William A. Hunt & Nancy M. English h/o Alice J. Love #8540
Hyten, Hiram 18/Oct/1858 02/Jan/1931 s/o Simpson Hyten & Elizabeth Boyd h/o Mary Price Herring #855
Hyten, John Henry 13/Jan/1851 20/Oct/1938 s/o Simpson Hyten & Elizabeth Boyd h/o Eveline Rice #6802
Hyten, Mary P. Herring 10/Jun/1864 13/May/1940 d/o Dabney C. Herring & Mary F. Simco w/o Hiram Hyten #401
Hyten, Stephen Henson 18/Aug/1795 18/Dec/1885 s/o Josiah Hyten & Rebecca Caywood h/o Nancy McGary #1746
Jameson, John H. 14/Jul/1838 29/Jul/1902 h/o Mary Herndon  
Jatho, August 11/Jun/1837 18/Aug/1925 s/o Ludewig Jatho h/o Sophia Sartor #5016
Jatho, Sarah F. Herring 14/Dec/1866 20/Sep/1933 d/o Dabney C. Herring & Mary F. Simco w/o Henry L. Jatho #402
Jolly, Annie Reynolds 22/Mar/1869 01/May/1912 d/o John P. Reynolds & Sarah F. Clatterbuck w/o Watt A. Jolly #6388
Judt, Catharina 01/Jun/1823 15/Apr/1874 w/o William Judt #4593
Judt, John Nathan 12/Nov/1859 16/Nov/1930 s/o Louis H. Judt & Mary E. Herring h/o Flora Six #467
Judt, Louis H. abt 1830 01/Apr/1874 h/o Mary E. Herring #465
Judt, Mary E. Herring 1830 05/Dec/1889 d/o Nathan Herring & Susan Hill w/o Louis Henry Judt #461
Judt, Susan 27/Mar/1865 31/May/1950 d/o Louis Judt & Mary E. Herring #469
Kemp, Gasner George 29/Jun/1896 21/Nov/1913 s/o Andrew J. Kemp & Mattie J. Willis #6288
Kemp, George E. Oct/1884 28/Mar/1925 s/o John W. Kemp & Frances Christopher #9751
Kemp, John W. abt 1862 28/Mar/1925 s/o Thomas Kemp & Julia Ann Tate #8775
Kemp, Lillie M. Smith abt 1884 05/Jan/1904 w/o John Lee Kemp #13519
Kemp, Margaret Jean Galbreath 25/Dec/1926 26/Nov/1997 d/o Lafayette Galbreath & Willie P. Lawson w/o Richard Kemp  
Kemp, Mattie Craghead 30/Sep/1843 27/Feb/1874 d/o John Craghead & Julia A. Smith w/o John D. Kemp #3766
Kennon, Jack abt 1840 18/Feb/1920    
Key, Christmas Martin 25/Dec/1848 15/Jul/1883 s/o Martin Key & Malvina Emmons h/o Joanna Emmons #4614
Key, Robert Payne 19/Feb/1850 03/Nov/1913 s/o Martin Key Jr. & Malvina Emmons, h/o Mary Crowson #4615
Kimball, Sally Herring 27/Feb/1864 05/Mar/1910 d/o John P. Herring & Amanda J. Knight w/o Buford H. Kimball #3154
Klein, A.F. 1860 Dec/1934    
Knox, Sarah A. Dunn 22/Apr/1848 02/Dec/1934 d/o Ralph Dunn & Martha Suggett, w/o Richard F. Knox  
Lacoff, Mrs. Theodore abt 1850 12/Jul/1925    
Langtry, Margaret A. Hamilton 13/Aug/1841 17/May/1936 d/o John Hamilton & Agnes Hamilton w/o Hillary Langtry #13157
Lawrence, Susie Brooks 17/Apr/1877 21/Aug/1962 d/o Henry & Jane Brooks, w/o Oscar Lawrence  
Lazear, Henry 19/May/1890 11/Feb/1920 s/o Harmon G. Lazear and Martha Jane Hughes, h/o Miss Brewer  
Lewis, Dollie Ora Wilks 15/Aug/1904 13/Apr/2000 d/o James Rufus Wilks & Oddie E. Day w/o John W. Lewis #377
Lewis, John W. 17/Dec/1903 05/Dec/1966 s/o Sherman Lewis & Margaret Walden h/o Dollie Wilks #2870
Love, Joe, Dr. abt 1868 07/Oct/1948    
Love, Maude Price Hutts 06/Sep/1885 18/Jun/1958 d/o William Hutts w/o Ernest H. Love #13277
Loyd, Sara Elizabeth Bryan 20/Jun/1915 14/Feb/2008 d/o Felix Bryan & Fannie E. Clatterbuck w/o James Loyd #9871
Luebbert, Dorothy Fischer 09/Jun/1930 28/Nov/1997 d/o Louis Fischer & Ofa Cardwell, w/o Raymond Luebbert  
Lynes, Elizabeth Douglass 24/Oct/1839 06/Jul/1927 d/o William Douglass & Jane Cheatham, w/o William Lynes  
Lynes, Jackson 1815 16/Jul/1899 s/o Joseph Lynes h/o Mary E. Hervey #9312
Lynes, Oliver Perry abt 1836 17/Feb/1880    
Lynes, Susan Baskett 19/Jun/1842 06/Apr/1923 John Baskett & Lucinda Muir w/o James W. Lynes #7350
Lynes, William 03/Oct/1879 21/Jan/1905 s/o James L. Lynes & Elizabeth Hyten #8279
Maddox, Elizabeth 15/Nov/1832 21/Mar/1875 w/o Thomas B. Maddox  
Maddox, Henrietta A. Moore 10/Nov/1860 04/Jan/1937 d/o John W. Moore & Margaret A. Davis w/o Richard T. Maddox #9800
Maddox, Virginia Lee Baker 17/Nov/1909 30/Dec/2003 d/o Wilson O. Baker & Margaret Berry w/o William Lee Maddox #8681
Magruder, Edna May Corvey 31/May/1901 16/Jul/1989 d/o Edward Corvey & Alice Litrell w/o 1st Paris Guerrant 2nd Kellis E. Magruder #10188
Martin, James M. abt 1831 31/Jul/1904    
Martin, James William 06/Apr/1866 04/Jan/1937 s/o James M. Martin & Margaret McClellan h/o Hattie Cartmill #13061
Martin, John Will abt 1829 25/Jul/1905    
Martin, Mary Jane Ward 22/Apr/1846 10/Dec/1934 d/o William Ward and Morena Graley, w/o Paul A. Martin #13123
McAtee, Edith Wickell 26/Jan/1907 22/Feb/2004 d/o Benjammin Wickell & Hattie Kemp w/o Norman McAtee #9596
McClanahan, Marjorie Martin 29/Dec/1908 24/Jun/1966 w/o James P. McClananhan Jr. #13388
McClintic, Bettie Tincher abt 1836 10/Sep/1904 d/o Judge Hugh Tincher  
McCracken, Sallie C. abt 1810 10/Jan/1875 w/o Otho McCrackin  
McCredie, Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" Robinson abt 1845 02/Apr/1875 d/o Capt. John Robinson & Mary Bondurant Ayres, w/o George P. McCredie #15048
McCubbin, Elizabeth 22/Oct/1830 17/Aug/1925 w/o Thomas McCubbin  
McCue, John Nolley 22/Mar/1885 06/Feb/1920 s/o Samuel S. McCue & Clarinda P. Tate #14463
McDonald, Charles E. 12/Dec/1912 15/Jul/1984 h/o Mildred Bemberger & Mildred Melcher  
McKinney, William   24/Mar/1874 in Kansas  
McVeigh, Sallie Ann Guerrant 19/Nov/1837 12/Jun/1913 d/o Stephen Guerrant & Lucy Hardin w/o James W. McVeigh #9242
Merideth, Thomas 21/Feb/1821 23/Jan/1912 s/o John W. Meredith h/o Nancy Tatum #4082
Meyerotto, Charles Frank 20/Oct/1857 07/Jul/1934 s/o Frederick Meyerotto & Lottie Halt h/o Wilhelmina Sieckman #10377
Millard, Ida Carrington 24/Apr/1884 05/Apr/1930 d/o Nathan Carrington & Eliza S. Herring w/o Oliver Millard #125
Miller, Margaret J. Snyder Gingrich Millard 14/Apr/1855 14/Jun/1913 d/o John G. Snyder & Sarah Stambaugh w/o M.E. Gingrich, Louis Peet Millard, H.H. Miller #11584
Mirts, Anna Gingrich 16/Jul/1861 19/May/1949 d/o David J. Gingrich & Ann Stoufer w/o Reuben Taylor Mirts #5517
Mirts, Eliza Emma Herring 09/Apr/1869 10/Jul/1925 d/o Dabney C. Herring & Mary F. Simco w/o John H. Mirts #403
Moore, Emma Ferguson abt 1848 06/Oct/1877 w/o Samuel T. Moore  
Moore, J.A. abt 1833 18/Feb/1908    
Moore, Margaret A. Davis 19/Aug/1837 19/Feb/1879 d/o Gerard Davis & Amelia Day w/o John W. Moore #4702
Moore, Thomas B. 1837 27/Apr/1904 s/o Henry Moore  
Mosley, Elmo Thomas "Bud" 28/Apr/1907 31/Dec/2000 s/o William Mosley & Francis Hyten h/o Alice V. Wickell #8009
Mosley, Joseph T. abt 1835 27/Jan/1903 s/o Benjamin Mosley & Eliza M. Thomas h/o Nancy J. Criswell #2983
Mosley, Marcus Monroe 16/Jul/1871 10/Sep/1872 s/o James B. Mosley & Mary Ann Carrington #3060
Mosley, Mary Ann Carrington 10/Nov/1848 18/Nov/1889 d/o Samuel Carrington & Lydia A. Bowen w/o James B. Mosley #352
Mosley, Rena Dunham 04/May/1870 09/Feb/1936 d/o Irvine H. Dunham & Mary Newsom, w/o Benjamin T. Mosley #6405
Mosley, Robert Elmer 16/Sep/1926 18/Jul/1970 s/o W. Tucker Mosley & Agnes Despain h/o Betty Bickel #6048
Mosley, T.T. 1854 03/Apr/1910 h/o Katie F. Craghead #2297
Mountjoy, Eddie Willett abt 1872 12/Feb/1908 w/o Claud Mountjoy  
Neill, Arthur abt. 1861 26/Jan/1913 s/o Jeremiah N. Neill & Louisa J. Douglass #8783
Nevins, Della Jo Bellamy 17/Dec/1930 05/Jan/2009 d/o Edward Bellamy & Clara Della Day w/o Jewell Nevins #11755
Nichols, Alexander V. abt 1840 29/Feb/1920 h/o Miss Dudley  
Nichols, Hattie Leopard 13/Nov/1880 23/Feb/1941 d/o A. Leopard and Barbara Yount w/o Oscar R. Nichols #1474
Nichols, Myrtle unknown 30/Jul/1904    
Nichols, Sophia Nichols 08/Jul/1869 03/Mar/1946 d/o Robert T. Nichols & Mary A. Howe w/o Herschal Irvin Nichols #1462
Overstreet, Francis M. Smith 05/Dec/1848 27/Jan/1915 d/o Alexander A. Smith w/o Daniel Rush Overstreet #12739
Overton, Harriett B. Baynham 16/May/1809 28/Jan/1875 d/o John Baynham & Sarah Blackwell w/o James F. Overton #3448
Overton, James F. 26/Sep/1806 21/May/1883 s/o Lewis Overton & Sarah Gibbs h/o Mildred Guthrie & Harriett B. Baynham #3429
Owen, J.C. "Pete" 05/Jun/1869 21/Oct/1950 h/o Maggie Garver  
Pasley, Alexander S. 1857 04/Mar/1909 s/o Flemming R. Pasley & Millie F. Kemp #7903
Pasley, Maude E. McMurtry 15/Feb/1876 12/Apr/1914 d/o James Calvin McMurtry & Elizabeth McCubbin, w/o Edward Pasley  
Pasley, Rose Ilene 04/Jan/1919 19/Sep/2001 d/o Clarence Pasley & Bernice Jennings #9728
Payne, Mossie Vaughn 07/Aug/1921 09/May/2004 d/o William B. Vaughn & Julia M. Kemp w/o Roscoe Jake Payne #8407
Perdue, Lillian Genive Herring 05/Nov/1917 23/Sep/2003 d/o Obie Herring & Eva Pearl Menefee w/o Earl Helmig, Ernest Dick, Claude Perdue #3411
Phillips, Mary F. Thomas Feb/1840 22/May/1905 d/o solomon Thomas & Martha Gilbert w/o John W. Phillips #9788
Plybon, George Lewis 04/Mar/1932 23/Dec/2003 s/o Lewis V. Plybon & Helen Hill h/o Neoma D. Zimmerman #9547
Portell, Carolyn Raye Herring 12/Sep/1949 13/Mar/1994 d/o Paul K. Herring & Margaret M. O'Neal w/o Mike Doerhoff, Vernon Portell #2797
Porter, James H. abt. 1830 07/Oct/1912 h/o 1st. Lucy A. Overton 2nd Jennie Everheart #14311
Powell, Mary Isabella Nichols 03/Oct/1859 19/Mar/1948 d/o Robert T. Nichols & Mary A. Howe w/o Samuel Hensely Powell #1428
Pratt, Marshall H. Jun/1895 16/Oct/1925 s/o Robert Pratt & Frances Holman h/o Evelyn Threlkeld #899
Prawl, Juanita Wilkerson Gradinaroff 11/Sep/1903 22/Aug/1980 d/o William H. Wilkerson & Ida E. Gibbs w/o T. Gradinaroff & Earl Prawl #10748
Provines, John G.   20/Jul/1905    
Pugh, Virginia 25/Feb/1840 13/Mar/1864 d/o John Pugh & Cyntha Bourne #5064
Purvis, Harold Dean 18/Nov/1924 05/Mar/2005 s/o LeRoy Purvis & Bertha M. Carrington #8012
Ratekin, Abbie Ferguson 26/Aug/1873 24/Jul/1967 d/o Absolom Ferguson & Francis Bagby w/o George Peter Ratekin #12394
Ratekin, Mary R. 31/Oct/1887 12/Jan/1936 d/o James W. Ratekin & Leovicy A. Rubert #12396
Redden, Audrey L. Benson 13/Nov/1914 23/Jun/2008 d/o Marvin V. Benson & Anne B. Love w/o Ben E. Redden #10444
Reynolds, James Carey 18/Feb/1834 26/Feb/1910 s/o John P. Reynolds & Lavina Newman h/o Margaret D. Crank #5319
Roberts, Wesley G. 21/Jul/1853 02/Oct/1895 s/o William E. Roberts & Parmelia F. Berry h/o Louellen Herring #854
Robinson, Edith Hampton 27/Jan/1923 25/May/1971 d/o Amos Hampton & Martha Tharp w/o Mr. Powell, Mr. Robinson #10039
Rogers, Andrew Y. abt 1831 28/Jan/1875 h/o Rachael Pierce  
Rogers, Joseph T.B. abt 1834 31/Jul/1904    
Rogers, Nova Carter 1871 22/May/1908 d/o John R. Carter & Margaret A. Fletcher w/o John Rogers #119
Rowe, Annie   07/Feb/1908 w/o Dr. S.S. Rowe  
Sacre, Noah Flood 1855 14/May/1906 s/o George Sacre & Mary J. Wilmon h/o Madeline Hornbuckle #4180
Sampson, Effie Belle Sacre 04/Mar/1881 18/Feb/1904 d/o Noah F. Sacre & Madeline Hornbuckle w/o Edward E. Sampson #6022
Sampson, John 1808 24/Dec/1877 h/o Mollie Tinsley & Nancy Snell #7542
Sampson, Nancy Snell abt 1815 10/Mar/1878 d/o Louden Snell & Judith Dicken w/o unkn Emmerson, John Sampson #7543
Sampson, William A. 05/Jun/1869 25/Mar/1925 s/o J.H. Sampson  
Samuel, Bessie Dedman 1861 13/Sep/1904 w/o Swan Samuel  
Sanders, James Burrows 04/Sep/1828 22/Jan/1913 s/o James Sanders & Mary Seagle h/o 1st Annie Farmer 2nd Sarah Holt #10477
Sanford, Hattie Jane Cave 27/Apr/1873 26/Jul/1967 d/o Justinian Cave & Mary E. Gathright w/o Andrew Sanford #12465
Sartor, Christian Albert 25/Dec/1863 20/Oct/1950 s/o Louis H. Sartor & Mary Catherine Berghauser h/o Bertha Roberts #4362
Sartor, Donald H. 25/Apr/1918 18/Apr/1988 s/o David Sartor & Jessie Hughes h/o Mary G. Zeni #10061
Sartor, Riley 07/Apr/1845 26/May/1882 h/o Minnie Christ #1155
Scholl, Reese 29/Feb/1856 3/Jul/1935 s/o Capt. Milton Scholl & Sarah Hughes  
Selby, John S. abt. 1835 13/Apr/1906 s/o William J. Selby & Julia A. Turley #11537
Shaler, Frank abt 1853 21/Oct/1877    
Shanks, Stella Brooks 06/Dec/1889 16/Mar/1983 w/o Ernest Shanks  
Sheley, Benjamin 1787 26/Jan/1872 s/o John Sheley & Mary Ridgeway h/o Elizabeth Boulware #10766
Sheley, Dora Emily Ausfahl (Rodecape) 25/Feb/1908 26/Jun/2002 d/o Charles Ausfahl & Pearle M. Mahoney w/o John B. Sheley #12984
Sheley, Priscilla Ann Renoe 28/Apr/1839 09/Jan/1908 d/o Henry F. Renoe & Priscilla Alexander w/o Benjamin F. Sheley #4606
Sheley, Singleton abt. 1791 15/Mar/1861 s/o John Sheley & Mary Nancy Ridgeway h/o Jane Criswell #6493
Shelton, Margaret Louise Hudson 16/Jun/1916 21/Feb/2008 d/o Moss Henry Hudson & Alice Myers w/o John Wesley Shelton #9647
Simco, Cythia Ann Sacre 24/Jul/1838 03/Feb/1913 d/o George Sacre & Mary J. Wilmon, w/o John M. Simco #422
Simco, Frances Smith 03/Nov/1825 23/Aug/1875 d/o Tartan Smith & Lucy Mallory w/o John M. Simco #421
Simco, Reuben B. Doc 27/Nov/1919 18/Feb/2002 s/o Reuben S. Simco & Rosa W. Kemp h/o Mildred M. Harris #5388
Simco, Robert Elliot 28/Mar/1861 16/Oct/1881 s/o John M. Simco & Frances Smith #449
Sitton, E. Vance 17/Aug/1912 18/Aug/2007 s/o Charles Sitton & Lucy Bell h/o Opal Beatty #6856
Sitton, George H. 03/Aug/1878 05/Jun/1937 s/o Edward M. Sitton & Lucy A. Fletcher h/o Ella C. Foster #5136
Sitton, Isaac N. Capt. 06/Jan/1836 16/May/1905 s/o John M. Sitton & Sally Jamison h/o Susan Wiggs, Sarah Fletcher #824
Sitton, John A. 08/Jul/1952 07/Oct/2001 s/o Ansel Sitton & Mary G. Adkison h/o Sheryl Banner #9129
Sitton, John T. 17/Aug/1858 02/May/1927 s/o Isaac N. Sitton & Susan Wiggs h/o Jennie McClellan #9624
Sitton, Mary Grace Adkison 03/Feb/1923 11/Sep/2003 d/o Waller Adkison & Mary P. McKim w/o Ansel T. Sitton #9127
Sitton, Opal Beatty Keely 07/Apr/1916 01/Nov/1999 d/o James W. Beatty & Callie M. Kemp w/o Alfred Keely, E. Vance Sitton #9122
Sitton, Wallace E. 20/Nov/1875 22/Dec/1966 s/o Edward M. Sitton & Lucy A. Fletcher h/o Minnie Myrtle Leonard #5135
Smith, Elizabeth Marshall Duggins 19/Oct/1828 11/Mar/1904 d/o John D. Duggins & Frances Dickinson w/o James H. Smith #5364
Smith, Pauline Herring 04/Jan/1917 12/Oct/2002 d/o Letus Herring & Rosene L. Mosley w/o Wilson Smith #5501
Stapp, Eunice Merle Herring 03/Apr/1886 23/Jul/1910 d/o Benjamin F. Herring & Martha Turner w/o Guy V. Stapp #3024
Straw, Maydean Herring 01/Jul/1906 17/Jan/2000 d/o Clyde R. Herring & Sarah A. Cave w/o Edward Straw #551
Stucker, Mildred McCall   05/Feb/1875 w/o George Stucker  
Stults, Lucy A. Martin 22/May/1882 12/Oct/1950 d/o Paul Martin & Mary J. Ward w/o William M. Stults #7804
Sweitzer, Stephen M. abt 1879 26/Aug/1910 s/o L.A. Sweitzer  
Tate, Calvin H. abt 1813 14/Jul/1879 h/o Elizabeth Allen  
Tate, Carolyn Joyce Craighead 05/May/1939 17/Sep/2006 d/o James P. Craighead & Mildred Howison w/o Roger Lambert Tate #8702
Tatum, Amy Susan Chaney abt. 1815 15/Jun/1869 d/o Reuben Chaney & Julia Deupree w/o Wiley G. Tatum #346
Tatum, John Henry 09/Mar/1833 22/Jul/1904 s/o Thomas T. Tatum & Mary Ann Herring #3387
Tatum, Wiley G. 18/Jan/1810 03/Apr/1872 s/o Gravett Tatum h/o Amy Susan Chaney #345
Taylor, Almira Covington 28/Feb/1851 14/Jul/1925 w/o M.V. Taylor  
Terrell, Robert William 30/Apr/1927 14/Jul/1984 s/o Ernest L. Terrell & Harriette F. Smith h/o Mildred Gohring #12416
Thatcher, Catherine Creasy 28/Nov/1872 07/Mar/1958 d/o Lindsey Creasy & Mary F. Craghead w/o Noah Taylor Thatcher #13091
Thomas, George 28/Apr/1875 13/Jul/1925 h/o Mary Ellen Barkwell  
Thomas, Nancy P. Craighead 28/Jun/1831 09/Feb/1920 d/o Solomon Craighead & Elizabeth Dunlap w/o Felix M. Thomas #4410
Thomas, Nancy Powell abt. 1836 25/Mar/1909 d/o William Powell, w/o Capt. Henry Thomas  
Thomas, Nannie Yates Nichols 02/Jun/1843 17/Feb/1925 d/o Garrett Nichols & Evelyn Turner w/o Warren W. Thomas #12413
Thomas, Virginia Galbreath abt 1844 05/Mar/1877 w/o Benjamin Thomas  
Thomas, Warren Woodson 05/Aug/1839 20/Jan/1913 s/o George H. Thomas & Evelina Nichols, h/o Nannie Yates Nichols #7964
Thomasson, Nadine Davis 26/Nov/1912 19/Feb/2000 d/o J. Ed Davis & Winifred Perkinson w/o Ralph Lee Thomasson #9056
Thulis, David 19/Nov/1887 12/Feb/1920    
Thurston, Emma Sitton 21/Jul/1881 27/Jul/1967 d/o Isaac N. Sitton & Sarah J. Fletcher w/o Millard F. Thurston #1148
Truitt, Noel unknown 23/Jul/1902 s/o Weldon Truitt  
Tucker, Frances Jane Sartor 1925 19/Oct/2003 d/o David Sartor & Jessie Hughes #10062
Tureman, Benjamin B. 17/Jan/1839 30/May/1909 s/o William Tureman & Mary Overton #12377
Tureman, Margaret Everhart 14/Nov/1835 03/Mar/1909 d/o Joseph Everhart & Ann Divers w/o James H. Tureman #12673
Turley, William O. 11/Feb/1798 24/Feb/1874    
Turner, Joseph D. 11/Feb/1892 03/Nov/1903 s/o Joseph W. Turner & Nancy Herring #4065
Turner, Lily Dyson Hudnall abt 1875 25/Mar/1925 w/o T. Oakes Turner  
Turner, Nancy A. Herring 28/Apr/1867 18/May/1894 d/o Gideon C. Herring & Lucy J. Simco w/o Joseph W. Turner #406
Vandelicht, T. Dorris 24/Dec/1869 18/Oct/1950 h/o Mary E. Arnold  
Vaughan, Edward G. 04/Sep/1860 06/Mar/1909 s/o Tilman G. Vaughn & Eliza A. Reynolds h/o Nettie L. Lynes #8282
Vaughn, Dollie Mae Puyear 09/Nov/1897 18/Mar/1983 d/o Ethelbert Puyear & Susie Hall w/o Otis Price Vaughn #8398
Waggoner, Sarah Farmer Bartley 17/Nov/1836 28/Apr/1912 d/o Joseph Farmer & Martha A. Overton w/o 1st J.W. Bartley 2nd M. Waggoner #8228
Ward, Berney R. abt 1908 10/Feb/1920 s/o Henry Ward  
Waters, Matilda Arens abt 1856 22/Mar/1925 w/o L.G. Waters  
Waters, Mayme Herring 01/Apr/1880 27/Jun/1971 d/o George W. Herring & Josima Allen w/o Scott Waters #58
Wefenstette, H.H. abt 1845 14/Feb/1920    
Wells, James M. abt 1868 22/May/1905 s/o Henry Wells  
West, John Duval 18/Aug/1796 28/Jun/1881 h/o Elizabeth Newland #8925
West, Samuel Alvin 16/Mar/1849 31/Jan/1933 s/o John D. West & Elizabeth Newland h/o Mary E. Craig #6755
Whaley, Frederick N. abt 1843 05/Mar/1874 s/o Major D.L. Whaley  
White, Lizzie Bell 25/Jan/1884 24/Mar/1971 d/o F. Monroe and Liza White  
Whittington, William abt 1845 23/Feb/1880    
Wichmann, Peter H. abt 1822 14/Dec/1902    
Wickell, Mina Clifton 25/Nov/1911 13/Nov/2007 d/o Ben Clifton & Julia Bowen w/o Henry H. Wickell #8917
Wilkerson, Cynthia Ann Coons 1828 Feb/1912 w/o William H. Wilkerson #11981
Wilkerson, Elizabeth A. Renoe 18/Apr/1842 05/Mar/1920 d/o Richard Renoe & Jane Davis w/o Thomas Wilkerson #6913
Wilkerson, Owen 19/Apr/1875 19/Feb/1879 s/o William H. Wilkerson & Sarah Moore #12410
Wilkes, Edgar Thomas 23/Dec/1889 11/Dec/1966 s/o John W. Wilkes & Elizabeth F. Whitworth h/o Elizabeth Kenecht #10142
Wilkes, John William 11/Jan/1862 23/Feb/1946 s/o William H. Wilks & Rebecca A. Wilks h/o Elizabeth F. Whitworth #10134
Wilks, Allie Pearl English 20/Mar/1897 26/Nov/1970 d/o James R. English & Sophia P. Love w/o Leo Wilks #2938
Wilks, Ira Day 22/May/1902 15/Jul/1984 s/o James Rufus Wilks & Oddie Day h/o 1st Dorothy Sullivan 2nd Illean Jackson #374
Wilks, James Rufus 30/May/1871 23/Oct/1951 s/o William H. Wilks & Rebecca A. Wilks h/o Oddie E. Day #368
Wilks, Leo 20/Nov/1894 10/Mar/1995 s/o James Rufus Wilks & Oddie E. Day h/o Pearl English #372
Wilks, Oddie E. Day 19/Mar/1876 17/Sep/1952 d/o Sanders P. Day & Permelia Overton w/o James Rufus Wilks #369
Willett, Florence Lee 23/Feb/1897 08/Feb/1920 d/o William Willett & Mary F. Musgrove #5233
Willett, Florence Lee 23/Feb/1897 08/Feb/1920 2nd obit #5233
Willett, Richard 24/Apr/1853 11/Jan/1920 s/o David M. Willett & Margaret Davis h/o Alice C. Boyd #1699
Willing, John William 30/Jan/1876 21/May/1948 s/o William A. Willing & Mary F. Fletcher h/o Nora Jane Hall #2384
Willing, Mary Fletcher 25/Feb/1842 18/Feb/1908 d/o John F. Fletcher & Judith Simco w/o Wm. A. Willing #815
Wilson, Mildred Taylor 16/Sep/1910 06/Jun/2004 d/o Bruce Taylor & Susie Waggoner w/o Forest T. Wilson #10456
Winn, M. Anne Hunter abt 1845 24/Oct/1927 w/o B.T. Winn  
Winscott, Alice Pearl Clatterbuck 25/May/1909 05/Apr/2003 d/o James H. Clatterbuck & Clara J. Powell w/o Paul Wnscott #9841
Wise, John T. 21/Oct/1868 Mar/1905 s/o J.H. Wise  
Witcher, Deonie Frances 24/Apr/1875 09/May/1966 w/o James Sollie Witcher #13023
Witcher, James Sollie 18/Sep/1873 15/May/1959 h/o Deonie Frances #13022
Woods, Lula Belle Kennon 29/Jan/1868 17/Oct/1935 w/o Washington Woods  
Wren, Elsie Mae Krebs 02/Nov/1898 19/Mar/1983 w/o David O. Wren  
Wright, Betsy Jamison abt 1809 23/Feb/1880 w/o Henry T. Wright  
Wright, Dolores Ann Stufflebeam 27/Apr/1930 16/Mar/2007 d/o Sherman Stufflebean & Lois Chase w/o Tommie Joe Wright #5786
Wright, Florence Anne Conger 02/Dec/1860 19/Jul/1948 d/o John G. Conger & Jane F. Herring w/o Madison Wright #310
Zimmerman, Joseph 08/Jun/1891 08/Apr/1960 s/o John Zimmerman h/o Elma E. Sachs #13144

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