Missouri Telegraph, 11 May 1893,
Fulton, Callaway, Missouri

Jas. L. Craghead Dead

Died, at his home in this city on Thursday, May 4th, 1893, James L. Craghead, aged 83 years and 4 months.

Uncle Jimmie, as we called him, came to Missouri with his parents in 1839. His father, Isaiah Craghead was raised in Franklin county, VA, and moved to Missouri with his family consisting of five sons, John R., George H., Jas. L., Isaiah W., W. A. B. Craghead, and two daughters Jane and Nancy F., all of whom have passed away now except Wm. A. B. and Mrs. Nancy F. Bradley.

Uncle Jimmie professed religion in 1837 and joined the Methodist church and lived in that church until about 1846, his wife who was Miss Mary Williamson, belonged to the Missionary Baptist church and he withdrew for the Methodist and joined his wife in the Baptist, and lived in that church a worthy and acceptable member until a few years back he withdrew and joined the Old Baptist Church.

Uncle Jimmie was in many respects a remarkable man. Strong, vigorous and powerful in physical manhood, a man with strong mind, tenacious of his own convictions, courageous in maintaining his opinions and steadfast in his religious beliefs. He was a man of cheerful temperment and leaves a host of friends to sympathize with his bereaved widow, his second wife, Mrs Nancy Maddox, to whom he was married some three years ago.

He had made his home in Callaway continuously since he come here in 1839. He leaves no children. Peace to his ashes.

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