Callaway Gazette, June 17, 1910,
Fulton, Callaway, Missouri

Sudden Death of John J. Comer

A telephone message was received here Thursday, announcing the sudden death of John J. Comer, which occurred that morning at his home in Kansas City, of heart failure.

Mr. and Mrs. Comer and daughter-in-law, Mrs. J. Lynn Comer, of Claremore, Okla., had returned to Kansas City last Saturday morning after a several week's visit in this city and Boydsville.

A physician examined Mr. Comer recently and told him that his heart was affected. During his stay in Fulton, he had several smothering spells and told members of his family that he had a premonition that his death would result from a heart attack some day.

Mr. Comer was born and reared near Boydsville and was 74 years old. During the war he took a trip to California, where he spent some time. On the way out, his traveling party had several encounters with Indians, and Mr. Comer's body bears seven marks, where the shots of the redmen took effect. He was in business in Fulton about twenty years ago and since his retirement has been living in Kansas City.

Deceased is survived by the widow, whose maiden name was Betty Overton, and the following children: R. Lee Comer, Benjamin Comer, Harry Comer, Grover Comer and Mrs. Leona Davis (Davies) , of Kansas City, and J. Lynn (Len) Comer, of Fulton. He also leaves four sisters. Interment will occur at Kansas City but no information has been received here in regard to the time of the funeral.

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