Mexico Intelligencer, Nov 1889,
Mexico, Audrain, Missouri

A Good Woman Gone
Death of Mrs. Alex. Carter, Sr., at Her Home in This City

Mrs. Alex. Carter, Sr., passed away Thursday at 6:30 o'clock p.m. Mrs. Carter had been in very poor health during the past year and every remedy was tried to relieve her sufferings but in vain. In hopes of recovery the summer was spent at Eldorado Springs. Upon returning home a short while ago she was taken to St. Louis for treatment, the local physicians having exhausted their skill. There she was informed by experts that she was suffering from a malignant tumor. Last week she returned home. The family moved to town this week, becoming settled on East Liberty street Wednesday. Thursday she seemed much better all day until about 5:30 in the afternoon when she rapidly grew worse, passing quietly away an hour later. The deceased lady was born in Oldham county, Ky., June 6, 1829, making her sixty years of age at the time of death. At the age of twenty-two, as Miss Frances Rodman, she wedded John W. Ricketts. She survived him and thirteen years later became the wife of Mr. Alex. Carter, Sr., who now mourns her loss.

In the death of this most estimeable lady, we are conscious that Audrain county has suffered the loss of a good woman. Loved by all who knew her personally, admired and respected by those who but knew of her by reputation, her place will probably never be filled in the hearts of her host of dear relatives and friends. In her was the embodiment of that kind sweet, gentle nature and beautiful character that is possessed by the nobler men and women of earth.

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