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Genealogy and Surname Index
Callaway County marriage records, 1821 - 1872
Callaway County marriage records, 1870 - 1922
George Washington and Lucy Simco Herring
James E. Herring and Eliza R. Conger
Julia A. Herring and Albert Samuel Fletcher
Georgianna Herring and William Ewing
Georgianna Herring Ewing and Francis Brandon
John Luther Herring and Rebecca Skinner
Jane Francis Herring and John G. Conger
Jane Francis Herring Conger and Benjamin D. Suggett
Jane Francis Herring Conger Suggett and Cal Craighead
William "Tip" Harrison Herring and Zelda Skinner
Mary E. Herring and George W. Ganaway
George Washington and Josima McNerva Allen
Susan E. Herring and Van Thomas Bloom
Willis Dabney Herring and Emma Giboney
Grover Herring and Rose Baysinger
Mayme Herring and Scott Waters
Vernon Scott Waters - Ozie Waters
Myrtle Herring and William P. Divers
Seth "Jack" Herring and Myrtle Qualls
Clyde "Bob" Herring and Sarah Ann Cave
Dolor Washington Herring and Josephine Carter
John Herring and Lucy Carver
James Clark Herring and Sarah Jane Knight
John Pemberton Herring and Amanda Jane Knight
George Washington Herring and Hester Ann Kemp
William Henry Herring and Nevada Dorsey
Eliza S. Herring and Nathanial D. Carrington
William Jerrod Herring and Rebecca Ann Knight
Andrew Carver Herring and Latitia E. Crooks
Dabney Carver Herring and Mary Francis Simco
Gideon Herring and Lucy Jane Simco
Nancy Herring and Peter M. Gibony
Thomas Wesley Herring and Mary Jane Young
Nathan Herring and Susan Hill
Eliza Jane Herring and William C. Hall
Georgie Anne Herring and James Meredith
Mary E. Herring and Louis Judt
Sarah Herring and Isaac P. Crosthwait (Crosswhite, Crosswaite)
Sarah Herring Crosthwait and Captain Samuel Blount
Ebenezer Herring and Eliza Fetcher
Benjamin Herring and Nancy Hill
John B. Herring and Mariah Hill
Mary Ann Herring and Robert H. Dawson
Matilda J. Herring and John G. Carter
John Robert Carter and Margaret Ann Fletcher
Patrick Grogan and Sarah Ellen Carter
Mary A. Herring and Thomas T. Tatum
Nancy Herring and Isaac D. Crosthwait
Carrington Family
Samuel Carrington and Mildred McDaniel
Randolph Carrington and Katharine McGary
William T. Carrington and Susan Clark Fisher
John Carrington and Elizabeth T. Randolph
John Carrington and Nancy Hyten
Samuel Carrington and Lydia A. Bowen
Nancy Carrington and Elisha K. Davis
Permelia Carrington and Hiram Holt Jr.
Eliza S. Herring and Nathanial D. Carrington
James Simco and Francis Canada
Mary Polly Simco and David Stultz
Mary Polly Simco Stultz and William Hardin
Reuben Brooks Simco and Sarah Cowherd Hill
John M. Simco and Mary Fletcher
John M. Simco and Frances Elizabeth Smith
John M. Simco and Cynthia Ann Sacre
Willis C. Hill and Elizabeth Wharton Simco
Elizabeth Fletcher and James Simcoe Hill
Wharton Canada Simco and Julia A. Brockman
John and Mary Fletcher
John F. Fletcher and Judith Simco
Mary F. Fletcher and William Allen Willing
Sara Jane Fletcher and Capt. Isaac Newton Sitton
Lucy A. Fletcher and Eward Martin Sitton
John Thomas Fletcher and Annie Eliza Hill
Headstone Name Index
Benjamin Herring's Probate Packet
John B Herring Probate Packet
Will and Probate Packet of John G. Carter
John R. Carter Probate Packet
James Simco Probate Packet
Nathan Herring Probate Packet
Susan Herring Probate Packet
Randolph Carrington Probate Packet
Samuel Carrington Probate Packet
Nathanial Carrington Probate Packet
Old family photographs
Plat maps
Hillcrest cemetery, Fulton Missouri

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