James Simco and Francis Canada

The Simco / Simcoe name was originally spelled Simco on the documents I have found in Virginia and in the early 1800's in Missouri. The later spelling of Simcoe seems to have begun with the 1880 census and is on all the 1900 records. I have left the Simco spelling because it is easier to keep my records consistant, but it seems to be accepted either way.

The following is from the Pioneer Families of Missouri book written in 1876, which is not always accurate:
SIMCO - In Albemarle Co., VA., there lived a Mr. Simco who had 3 children - James, Brooks and Catharine. The 2 latter married in VA., and lived and died there. James married FRANCES KENNEDY, of VA., by whom he had Mary, Elizabeth, Lucy, Judith, William, Reuben, Wharton, Samuel and John. Mr. Simco was a soldier in the war of 1812 and settled in Callaway Co. in 1836. All of his children came with him to MO., except Samuel. Mary married DAVID SHEETS, who died in Va. She then married WILLIAM HARDIN, who settled in Callaway Co. in 1836. Lucy married GEORGE HERRON. Judith married JOHN FLETCHER. Reuben married SARAH HILL, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1834. Wharton married JULIA A. BROCKMAN, of MO. John was married twice; first to MARY FLETCHER, and 2nd to FRANCES SMITH, both of Callaway Co. William died in Mississippi, unmarried.

The parents of James Simco were John and Fanny Simco. The only information I have about them was that John Simco died in July of 1808 in Orange Co. Virginia, and that they had four children that I know of:

  1. James Simco, b: abt 1777 in Orange Co. Va., married March 16, 1801 Francis Canada, a daughter of Wharton Canada and Mary Thompson. d: 1843 Callaway Co. Missouri;
    James and Francis Simco were my great great great grandparents through two of their daughters, Lucy and Judith.
  2. Mary Polly Simco, b: abt. 1779, married Dec 23, 1799 to William Lee;
  3. Brooks Simco, b: abt. 1781 in Virginia, married Nov 22, 1813 to Polly Boswell, a daughter of Charles Boswell
  4. Catherine Simco, b: abt 1785, married Nov 20, 1805 to William Thompson.
I believe all except James Simco remained in Virginia.

The parents of Francis Canada were Wharton Canada, d: 1835 in Madison Co., Virginia and Mary Thompson. They had eight children:
Elizabeth Canada, b: abt 1780, Virginia;
Francis Canada, b: abt 1782, Virginia; d: 1843, Callaway Co., Mo.
Lucy Canada;
Mary Canada;
Sally Canada;
Judith Canada;
William Canada, d: bef. 1835 in Virginia;
and John Canada, d: bef. 1835 in Virginia.
I have found the surname of Canada in Callaway Co. Missouri but I have not done any research yet to see if they are related to this family. Francis Canada Simco is the only one of this family that I know of for sure who came to Missouri from Virginia.

James Simco married Francis Canada in Madison Co. Virginia on March 16, 1801. They had 10 children, all born in Virginia. In 1835, the family came to Callaway Co. Missouri, except for son William, who had gone to Mississippi, and son Samuel and daughter Sarah Ann, who had both died in Virginia.

Following are the children of James and Francis Canada Simco:

  1. Mary Polly Simco b: Feb 10, 1802, Madison Co. Virginia d: Dec 19, 1873 Callaway County Missouri Married #1. David Stulz, 24 Aug 1822, Albemarle Co. Va., d: before 1835 in Virginia. #2. William Hardin, 11 Nov 1834, Albemarle Co. Va., d: 1853, Callaway Co. Missouri.
  2. William B. Simco b: May 10, 1804, Albemarle Co. Virginia d: 1840, Mississippi
  3. Reuben Brooks Simco b: May 10, 1805, Albemarle Co. Virginia d: July 19, 1893, Callaway Co. Missouri. Married May 19, 1835 Albemarle Co. Virginia, Sarah Cowherd Hill b: 1818 Albemarle Virginia d: May 1, 1902, Callaway Co. Missouri. Sarah was a daughter of John Hill and Agnes Brockman.
  4. Elizabeth Wharton Simco b: Jan 24, 1807, Albemarle Co. Virginia d: July 24, 1871 Callaway County Missouri Married Willis C. Hill, b: Oct 26, 1813 d: Jan 7, 1861, Callaway Co. Missouri. He was a son of John Hill and Agnus Brockman.
  5. Lucy Simco b: Nov 28, 1808 Madison Virginia d: Apr 7, 1896, Callaway County Missouri Married Dec 28, 1829 Albemarle Co. Virginia, George Washington Herring Sr., b: 1794 Albemarle Co. Virginia d: July 23, 1876, Callaway Co. Missouri Lucy Simco was my great great grandmother
  6. Wharton Canada Simco b: July 24, 1811, Albemarle Co. Virginia d: Dec 3, 1887 Callaway County Missouri Married Oct 7, 1841, Callaway Co. Missouri, Julia A. Brockman, b: Jan 18, 1825, Howard Co. Missouri d: Dec 26, 1902, Callaway Co. Missouri
  7. Samuel B. Simco b: Dec 7, 1814, Albemarle Co. Virginia d: after 1880, probably Albemarle Co. Virginia. He married Lucy J. unknown, abt. 1840 in Virginia. They had 3 daughters, Mary F., b: abt 1841, Sarah, b: abt. 1843, and Lucy M., b: abt. 1845.
  8. Judith Simco b: Mar 25, 1816 Virginia d: Apr 7, 1860, Callaway County Missouri Married Aug 29, 1839 Callaway Co. Missouri, John F. Fletcher, b: 1816 Virginia d: Dec 9, 1885, Callaway Co. Missouri Judith Simco was my great great grandmother
  9. John M. Simco b: June 29, 1820, Albemarle Co. Virginia d: Nov 30, 1903 Callaway County Missouri, married Mary F. Fletcher, Nov 15, 1842, Callaway Co. Missouri, b: 1825, Virginia, d: May 1847, Callaway Co. Missouri.
  10. Sarah Ann Simco b: Jan. 29, 1822, Albemarle Co. Virginia d: Nov. 30, 1822, Albemarle Co. Virginia

James and Francis Canada Simco both died in 1843 in Callaway County Missouri and are buried at the Simco burial ground, Callaway Co., Missouri. This land is located at T48N R9W sec 34. A new headstone was placed in November 2002 for James and Francis Canada Simco, and William and Mary Simco Stultz Harden.

Click here to find a scanned copy of James Simco's probate packet.

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