Benjamin Herring and Nancy Hill

Benjamin Herring was my 4th great grandfather. He was born probably before 1777, probably in Albemarle Co. Virginia.

Marriage record from the Albemarle Co. records
Herring, Benjamin & Nancy Hill 27 Dec 1797; b- Nathan Glaspy wit- Richard Garrett [Rec. of Marr. Bonds, 1780-1806] min-Jacob Watts, 28 Dec 1797 [B/C Papers, 1793-1798]

Benjamin Herring was the brother of George Herring who married Elizabeth Closby (Glaspy). We think their father's name was Benjamin or John Benjamin Herring. Nancy Hill was a daughter of Henry Hill and Susanna Jones. Henry Hill and Susanna Jones were my 5th great grandparents.... twice. I am descended from both their daughter, Nancy Hill Herring, and their son, Charles Hill.

Henry Hill and Susanna Jones Hill were married March 5, 1778 in Orange Co. Virginia.
There have been many marriages between the Hill, Simco, and Herring families. From Henry Hill's will:
From Albemarle Co. Will Book 10, pg 126
Will dated 19 Oct 1826 and probated 1 Nov 1830
The estate of Henry Hill, 5 miles from Charlottesville, VA was left to his wife, Susanna Jones Hill, and at her death was to be divided among their 8 children:
  1. Elizabeth Hill (wife of Richard Hill)
      From Albemarle Co. Virginia marriage records:
      Elizabeth Hill and Richard Hill, 3 Sept 1798; b- Henry Hill, wit-John Carr (Rec. of Marr. Bonds, 1780-1806) min- Hamilton Gross, 6 Sept 1798 (B/C papers, 1793-1796)
  2. Lucy Hill Dowell (wife of William Dowell)
      From Albemarle Co. marriage records:
      Lucy Hill and William Dowell, 11 Jan 1812; (Marr. Reg. 1806 - 1868 fol.12) b - Benjamin Herring, who affirmed that both parties upwards of 21 years (B/C Papers, 1803-12)
  3. Nancy Hill Herring (wife of Benjamin Herring)
      From Albemarle Co. marriage records:
      Benjamin Herrin married Nancy Hill 27 Dec 1797; bondsman, Nathan Glaspy; witness Richard Garrett; minister, Jacob Watts.
  4. John Hill (husband of Agnes Brockman)
      From Albemarle Co. marriage records:
      Agyy Brockman and John Hill, 21 Aug 1810; min - John Goss 28 Aug 1810 (Marr. Rec. 1806-1868 fol.9) d - Ambrose Brockman, who gives surety (B/C Papers, 1803-12)
  5. Henry Hill, Jr of TN
  6. Susan Hill Herring (wife of Jonathan Herring)
      From Albemarle Co. marriage records:
      Jonathan Herring married Susan Hill 29 Dec 1809; minister, A. Brockman; bondsman, Richard Hill; witness, Ira Garrett; daughter of Henry Hill, who gives consent; witness Richard Hill and William Herring.
  7. Charles Hill (husband of Molly Hill)
      From Albemarle Co. marriage records:
      Charles Hill & Molly Hill, 30 Dec. 1795, b-John Hill (Rec. of Marr. Bonds, 1780-1806) wit. Francis Anderson.
  8. Mary Hill Herring (wife of John Herring -don't know what John Herring this is)

We believe that the Jonathan Herring listed as husband to Susan Hill was the son of George and Elizabeth Closby Herring, nephew of Benjamin Hill. Wife Susan Hill was deceased at the time of this will, and Jonathan may also have been already deceased. A Hill researcher believes their children were in Tennessee with Henry Hill Jr., altho we have not been able to find them. Charles Hill is the father of Mariah Hill who married Benjamin Herring's son, John B. Herring, and are my 3rd great grandparents. Charles Hill also had a son who came to Callaway Co. Missouri with Benjamin Herring, named Charles Hill who married Benjamin's grandaughter Sarah Tatum. We do not know what John Herring this is that married Mary Hill.

Benjamin Herring and Nancy Hill had four children:
  1. John B. Herring b: about 1798 Albemarle Co., Virginia, d: between July - Sept. 1841 Callaway Co, Missouri, buried Herring Carter Cemetery, Callaway Co., Missouri.
    • married Nov 11, 1819, Mariah Hill b: 1796 Albemarle Co., Virginia, d: 28 Jan 1879 Callaway Co, Missouri, buried Herring Carter Cemetery, Callaway Co., Missouri. These were my 3rd great grandparents.
  2. Mary A. Herring b: April 21, 1802, Albemarle Co., Virginia, d: Feb 12, 1844, Callaway Co. Missouri, buried Herring Carter Cemetery, Callaway Co., Missouri.
    • married Jan 1, 1827, Thomas T. Tatum b: abt 1803, Virginia, d: between 1850 and 1860, Callaway Co. Missouri, buried Herring Carter Cemetery, Callaway Co., Missouri.
  3. Nancy Herring b: 1806, Albemarle Co., Virginia, d: Oct 4, 1882 Callaway Co. Missouri.
    • married Jan 1, 1827, Isaac D. Crosthwait b: before 1807 or before, Albemarle Co., Virginia, d: before 1840 Callaway Co. Missouri.
  4. Sarah Elizabeth Herring b: 1804, Albemarle Co., Va. d: 1885, Fluvanna Virginia
    • married July 28, 1831, William Jordan Payne b: Sept 23, 1806 Fluvanna Virginia, d: Feb 24, 1890 Fluvanna Virginia

Nancy Hill Herring died sometime between 1830 when her father's will was probated, and 1838 when her husband Benjamin died. There is no evidence that she was alive and made the trip to Missouri in 1831, Benjamin's probate packet in Missouri in 1839 does not name her as a living heir. There is also no evidence that she did not come to Missouri and die before Benjamin did.

Benjamin Herring died about November of 1838 in Callaway Co. Mo. We believe he was buried in the Carter - Herring Private Cemetery. This cemetery has been destroyed and we do not have a record of his burial. His headstone had probably already been destroyed before the DAR made their listing nearly 100 years later in 1933. Benjamin lived with his son John B. Herring and family.

The Carter - Herring Cemetery (which should have been named Herring - Carter when it was discovered) was located on John B. Herring's land. It is where many of Benjamin's family is buried, so it is logical that in 1838 this is where he was buried. It was originally named the Grogan family cemetery because in the 1970's the farmer who owned the land remembered a headstone with the name of Grogan. This child was William Ricken Grogan died 1872, infant son of Patrick Grogan and Sarah Ellen Carter, a great grandson of John B. and Mariah Hill Herring. He was the only Grogan buried here. The other burials were all descendants and their families of Benjamin and Nancy Hill Herring. The majority of burials here were Herrings and Carters. John B. Herring's daughter Matilda Herring married John G. Carter. They were my 2nd great grandparents. This cemetery has been destroyed with no headstones remaining, but burial depressions can be seen. I have photographed this cemetery and thos pictures can be found on my cemetery listings page.

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