Lydia M. Carrington

Lydia Carrington was born in 1887 in Callaway County Missouri. She was a daughter of Nathanial Carrington and Elisa S. Herring. Lydia was my GrandAunt.

Lydia had a son in 1908 by Roy L. Craighead. Roy Craighead was b: Jan. 29, 1888 in Callaway Co., Missouri, d: Aug. 19, 1937 in Pennsylvania, buried Union cemetery, Quakertown, Bucks Co., Pennsylvania. He was a son of John F. Craghead and Martha Lavinian Brooks. He was my 3rd cousin 3 times removed.

  1. Children: John Russel Craighead, b: July 15, 1908, Callaway Co,. Missouri, d: Nov. 29, 1997, Fulton, Callaway Co., Missouri, buried Hillcrest Cemetery, Fulton, Callaway Co., Missouri. He was raised by his grandmother, Eliza Herring Carrington.
    • Married June 30, 1927 in Fulton, Callaway Co., Missouri, Merle Love, b: Apr. 9, 1908, Williamsburg, Callaway Co., Missouri, d: Dec. 12, 1985, Callaway Co., Missouri, buried Hillcrest Cemetery, Fulton, Callaway Co., Missouri. She was a daughter of Edgar Love and Anna Demorieus Hunt.
    • Children:
    • Infant son Craighead, b: May 25, 1929, Fulton, Callaway Co., Missouri, d: May 25, 1929, Fulton, Callaway Co., Missouri.
    • Carrol Ann Craighead, b: Nov. 12, 1930, Fulton, Callaway Co., Missouri, d: Apr. 27, 1997, buried Hillcrest Cemetery, Fulton, Callaway Co., Missouri.
      • Married, Aubrey Lee Vaughn, b: Jan. 25, 1924, Callaway Co., Missouri, d: Mar. 2, 1994, buried Hillcrest Cemetery, Fulton, Callaway Co., Missouri. He was a son of Charles Aubrey Vaughn and Bessie B. Pollard Baynham and was my 5th cousin once removed.
    • Louise Craighead, b: 1932, Fulton, Callaway Co., Missouri, d: 1976, buried in Hillcrest Cemetery.
      • Married, Norbert Sanning.
    • John Wesley Craighead, b: Mar 19, 1935 d: Sept 10, 2001, Columbia Missouri, buried Hillcrest Cemetery.
      • 1st Married, abt. 1956, possibly living.
        • Children:
        • Living
        • Michael Ray Craighead, b: Oct. 31, 1959, Caribou, Aroostook Co., Maine, d: Oct. 31, 1959, Caribou, Aroostook Co., Maine.
        • Living
      • 2nd Married, Apr. 15, 1976, Fulton, Callaway Co., Missouri, living.
      • 3rd Married, July 7, 1999, Fulton, Callaway Co., Missouri, Living.
    • Living son Craighead.

Lydia died on Dec. 27, 1911 in Kansas City, Jackson Co., Missouri, under somewhat mysterious circomstances. I have found several newspaper clipping concerning her death. Her father, Nathaniel Carrington (my great grandfather) committed suicide one month after her death.

Fulton Telegraph, December 29, 1911, front page story:

Find Woman Dead
Lydia Carrington Last Seen Alive Sunday Before Christmas
     When Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Ramsey and their little daughter left their home at 814 Glen Aire street last Sunday morning to spend the Christmas holidays in the country, Miss Lydia Carrington, 24 years old, who roomed at their home, waved them a Merry Christmas as she stood on the front porch.
     When they returned home at 10:30 o'clock last night they found the body of Miss Carrington, lying on a bed in her room. She evidently had been dead for several hours. A small overhead gas heater which was burning cast a yellow fitful glare over the two small rooms where Miss Carrington and her roommate, Miss Ella Nues, 23 years old, did light housekeeping. Miss Nues also had departed last Sunday morning to spend the holidays with her parents in Omaha.
     How the young woman met her death is not known. The daily papers beginning with the issue of Monday morning were found lying on the front porch. The two small rooms were tightly closed and the windows securely fastened. A bottle half filled with chloroform was found on a washstand. The front door of the small housekeeping room was not locked, but a small piece of paper was found thrust into the keyhole. Dark stains on the bed clothing indicated that the young woman had died of convulsions.
     Girl Not Despondent.
     "I haven't the least idea what caused her death." declared Mrs. Ramsey last night. "When we left she was in fine spirits. She had been preparing her Christmas gifts and had bought herself a new coat and had made a new hat. I asked her if she was afraid to stay by herself, and she said that she could not get a girl friend to stay with her she would go over and stay with her cousin. She was not despondent and I do not know that she ever had any love affair. I know that no young men called at the house. When M. Ramsey tried the door when we came home he could not get the key in the lock. He then broke a basement window, went in an let me in at the front door. We turned on all the lights and then went upstairs and found her in her room."
     Patrolman Dan Doran from No. 5 police station made an investigation, but declaired that he found no marks of violence. The remnants of a breakfast were on the small table in the kitchen, but the table had been set for two people. Mrs. Ramsey said that it probably was the Sunday breakfast. Patrolman Doran said that he believed the young woman had died of convulsions.
     Subject to Dizzy Spells
     During the last two months, Miss Carrington had been subject to dizzy spells, Mrs. Ramsey said. W.E. White and his wife, the latter a cousin of Miss Carrington and who live at 1910 East Thirty-first street, were called, but said they had not seen Miss Carrington for nearly a year. The body was taken to the undertaking rooms of Freeman & Marshall by order of the coroner. The inquest will be held at 9 o'clock this morning.
     Miss Carrington had lived at the home of Mrs. Ramsey since last June. She formerly roomed with Miss Julia Bennett. Miss Nues had roomed with her for the last two months. J (s/b N) D. Carrington, father of Miss Carrington, lives at Fulton, Mo. He was notified last night. - Kansas City, Journal, 27th.

Fulton Telegraph, December 30, 1911
Died Alone of Pneumonia
     Miss Lydia Carrington, the young woman found dead in her bed at 814 Glen Airy Place last night, died of pneumonia, according to the report Dr. Harry Czarlinsky, deputy coronor. He held an autopsy at Freeman Marshall's undertaking rooms this morning. He said he found also slight ___ of asphyxiation, but he had no ___ to believe that the young woman had died of asphyxiation and the ___ he found might easily have come from the open gas burner found lighted in her room. She formerly lived in Fulton Mo. and her parents still reside there. -- Kansas City Star.

obit - Lydia Carrington Abt 24, 27 Dec 1911 Fulton Telegraph, Callaway Weekly Gazette
Miss Lydia Carrington - Miss Lydia Carrington, 26 years old, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel D. Carrington, one and one-half miles southeast of Fulton, was found dead in bed at her boarding place in Kansas City Wednesday morning. Miss Carrington had been working in Kansas City for the last three years. The remains were brought to Fulton Thursday morning and burial occured at 1:00 o'clock in the Burdette cemetery, in the Bellama Springs neighborhood.

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